MediaTek Summit: Pentonic 1000, Kompanio 520, and T800 Chipsets Will Make Your Devices Faster and Smarter

We talk a lot about how important MediaTek is to your smartphone experience. However, they power more than just phones (a LOT more). Today is the first day of the 2022 MediaTek Summit in Sonoma, and they kicked it off by announcing the latest Pentonic 1000, Kompanio 520/528, and MediaTek T800 chipsets to make sure your television, Chromebook, and other devices are almost as smart as you are!

2022 MediaTek Summit

MediaTek T800

MediaTek T800 may sound like the villain in a certain classic 80’s movie, but it is actually a chipset designed for internet-connected devices that are not smartphones. In other words, if you want 5G on your laptop, you want the T800 under the hood.

The idea is that these are 5G devices that can deliver fast connections without draining the batteries. There are a few features designed to make this more attractive to manufacturers, like the ability to integrate a PCIe+USB interface and a super-thin design. But the part that really will matter to the end user is that this aims to offer download speeds of up to 7.9Gbps!

MediaTek’s Kompanio 520 and 528

MediaTek Summit: Pentonic 1000, Kompanio 520, and T800 Chipsets Will Make Your Devices Faster and Smarter

Everyone should have a Chromebook; they’re dead easy to maintain and use, making them the ultimate travel companions. MediaTek’s Kompanio 520 and 528 offer ARM-based chipsets for ChromeOS computers that will further elevate the Chrome experience.

They’These chipsets will provide booting up in seconds, better multitasking, and longer battery life. And in a world where video calls have gone from novelty to expectation, the Kompanio chips offer AI camera features as well as 32MP cameras, so you’ll look phenomenal for your next telehealth meeting with your therapist.

If you’re not video chatting, the new chips will support HD+ displays and HD external displays, which is perfect for when you want to kick back and stream “Blockbuster” on Netflix.

MediaTek Pentonic 1000

You’re forgiven if you read “Pentonic 1000” and immediately thought of the a cappella group. It’s actually the name of a MediaTek chipset for smart TVs, which probably has a bigger impact on your everyday life. Or not, if you’re really into a cappella, I guess.

In any case, the Pentonic 1000 brings new smarts to your TV time with support for Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail, 4K, and super fast frame rates for gaming alongside Auto Low Latency Mode.

Not only that, but it supports up to 8 different views in one display, which is handy if you’re trying to cover every bet you’ve made in Draft Kings and everyone’s playing at once.

No matter how you watch, though, a Pentonic 1000-powered TV will help make it a phenomenal experience.

If you’d like to attend the MediaTek Summit, you can register for virtual attendance here; see if you can spot Judie!

MediaTek might not be the brand everyone thinks of first in tech, but they’re the brand behind the curtain on a lot of great innovations!

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