Samsung Bespoke Kitchen Appliances Get Smarter and Sleeker!

Anyone can have a regular refrigerator or oven. But if you really want your kitchen to reflect you, then you need to consider a Samsung Bespoke appliance! Samsung is expanding its Bespoke line, so if you’ve ever thought “you know what my fridge needs, besides more half and half? A more stylish exterior!” Well, read on!

Samsung Bespoke Kitchen Appliances Get Smarter and Sleeker!

The Bespoke fridge lineup is growing with the Bespoke 4-door Flex with Family Hub+.

It features a 32″ bezel-less FHD screen that has Family Hub software, so you can do everything from admiring family photos to watching TV while using picture-in-picture to also watching the other appliances. They’re not kidding when they call it a hub!

In addition, you can customize more refrigerators than ever, including side-by-side and top-mounted freezer models with more finishes and colors than ever. You’ll never lament the way your freezer clashes with your countertops again!

All jokes about aesthetics aside, the Bespoke Side-by-Side will have a recessed handle and an open via tap feature to make it look even more streamlined.

Both refrigerators will also have AI Energy Mode which can help control the compressor speed and defrost cycle, which allows you to reduce your energy use while still keeping the food at an ideal temperature. Look for them in the first quarter of 2023.

Samsung Bespoke Kitchen Appliances Get Smarter and Sleeker!

In what is very close to science fiction, the Bespoke AI Oven will not only look great but use AI to recognize what it’s cooking and alert you if it’s in danger of burning. I wish all ovens had this feature, as I’ve set my own smoke alarm off an embarrassing number of times this year from distracted cooking.

Of course, if you really want to get fancy, you can integrate the oven with SmartThings Cooking and Samsung Health, which will suggest some recipes and options based on your workouts and goals.

Like the Bespoke refrigerators, you get a streamlined design with a Push to Open Door instead of an oven handle, so you’ll have to find somewhere else to hang your dish towels.

Look for the Bespoke AI Oven in the third quarter of 2023.

Samsung is continually making our kitchen smarter, and at this point, we’re only a few years away from your kitchen prepping and cooking the food for you!

You can learn more about Samsung Bespoke Kitchen Appliances here.

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