Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam Offers Comprehensive 360° Home Surveillance

The new Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam offers seamless 360° panoramic coverage of any room directly to your smartphone. This versatile camera empowers you to control your viewing angle effortlessly through the Ring App, eliminating blind spots and ensuring complete peace of mind.

Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam in White

Gone are the days of blind spots, as the Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam delivers wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling surveillance. You’ll enjoy enhanced visibility even in low-light conditions with remote control pan-tilt functionality, HD video quality, and Color Night Vision.

Equipped with motion detection capabilities, the Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam sends real-time alerts to your devices, informing you of any activity in your home.

Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam mounted on a wall

Additionally, features like Live View with Two-Way Talk enables you to interact with your surroundings, whether checking in on your pets or deterring intruders. Including a manual Privacy Cover ensures added security, allowing you to deactivate the camera until needed.

A large, tan colored dog walks by a Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam sitting on a side table

For enhanced customization, you can define specific motion zones to minimize unnecessary alerts caused by background movement. On top of that, you can activate a powerful siren directly from the Ring App for an extra layer of security, empowering you to respond swiftly to potential threats.

A user watching their dg shred trash in the living room through the Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam and the Ring app

Ring prioritizes user privacy with features like the manual Privacy Cover and customizable privacy settings accessible via the Ring App. End-to-end encryption ensures secure video transmission, while the Control Center allows users to manage security settings effortlessly.

Subscribing to Ring Protect unlocks additional benefits, including cloud storage for recorded footage, person alerts, and rich notifications. Subscribers can also access exclusive discounts and extended warranties on select products, enhancing the overall value proposition.

Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam Offers Comprehensive 360° Home Surveillance

The Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam is currently available in white, but additional colors, including Blush, Starlight, and Charcoal, are coming soon. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive security features make it a valuable addition to any home surveillance system.

The Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam sells for $79.99; click here to learn more and purchase.

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