Throw Away That Dog Food Bag and Get Simplehuman’s Pet Food Can

One issue that a lot of people have in their home after purchasing a bag of dog food is the fact after you open it, if you’re not using a clip it just sits out. Why not get something stylish for your pup’s food that will keep it fresh?


simplehuman sent me over their XL Pet Food Storage Bin ($140), and I will honestly never go back to using another form of storage for Sparky’s chow. Made of brushed metal, I received the extra-large version which actually holds up to a 40 lb. bag of Dog Food. You can tell once you unbox it that the can itself is a lot different from the standard bin that you put items in. So much so I’m comfortable sitting the food bin right beside our home trash container and not confusing the two!

In the event you need to maneuver it a bit, simplehuman actually included wheels on the food storage can so that you can whisk it away whenever you deem fit. I was a little hesitant about the actual brushed metal receiving a million fingerprints due to constant opening and closing, but I was rest assured due to simplehuman’s fingerprint-proof finishing of their brushed metal products however.

After you’ve unboxed it and have it sitting in your home, you can comfortably know that your four legged friends food will stay in, without ever wondering if they will get into it courtesy of its own ergonomic lock-tight handle that admittedly so, I didn’t even figure out on the first try. Since the bin will shut airtight, you never have to worry about your food drying out and/or pup getting into it when you are not at home! Admittedly so, we started by putting just what was left of our original 50lb. bag of dog food from Amazon (since dog food is actually cheaper from there and I don’t have to carry it from PetSmart!) into the XL food bin, and while great, the only negative some might have is actually reaching into, and scraping from the bottom once you’ve actually gotten low on your food. Or you can go the DIY route courtesy of the bpa-free removable bucket and just lift it out completely to get what you need. I find this method to be a lot less cumbersome than digging out of a bag. And simplehuman was nice enough to include a scoop that not only fits INSIDE of the food container itself, but can measure out a portion that can suit any pup size, depending on how much you’d like to give them.

Overall, if you are looking for a way to declutter your kitchen or living space and stop having to unravel a dog food bag every time it’s time to feed your puppy, simplehuman’s Pet Food Storage bin is hands down the way to go. And yes, even your dog will still get excited and jump for joy seeing you lift up the bin to get ready for feed them. With a ten year warranty, this bin will not only last you years, but will make preserve the food inside of it as well. One thing to be mindful of, is that you shouldn’t make the mistake of getting one size knowing you’ll eventually get another. I received the XL knowing I buy my food in bulk, so if I get a 50 LB. bag it will actually fit into the XL. However, if you are the type who casually will grab food every 2-3 weeks, chances are you may only need the large, or even possibly the small.

For more information, head over to simplehuman today. 

Source: Personal purchase

What I Like: Preserves food longer than physically rolling up the bag; fingerprint-proof

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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