Articles by Wayne Schulz

iHome iP99 iPhone Radio Dock Reviewed

I’ve been using the iHome IP99 as a clock radio for the past week. This $149 device claims to filter out the annoying “buzz buzz” that is commonly heard when the iPhone receives or sends data. With other standard radios you can get around this issue by putting your iPhone into “Airplane” mode. However that means you won’t receive any calls or data. The iHome claims to fix this by filtering out the buzzing. Does it work? Sorta kinda. Keep reading for the details.

Double chins, losing hair, gold paint around your mouth? Airbrushdate spins your (booking) photos into online dating gold!

Has this ever happened to you? While browsing your favorite online message forum someone drops right into (and out of) the conversation with a one or two sentence spammy message? These people never contribute anything to the conversation except for a blatant advertisement. This is what happened to me last week. Someone dropped right into a active discussion with the one sentence message. Want a better online dating profile – try At this point my curiosity got the better of me. I knew that Judie was doing a rather extensive series about Online Dating. So why not see if this…

Meet Winerack – Beerbelly’s Adventurous Little Sister

I don’t know which is funnier. The fact that there is a sister product to The BeerBelly named The Winerack – whose purpose is to let you sneak booze into events where BYOB is prohibited hold 25oz of wine or other beverage in a sports bra where you then drink it through a flexible tube. Or, that the company that makes it wants to send us a sample and asked Judie her bra size: Hi Judie, I just saw the write up on your site about The Beerbelly and your comment that the WineRack needs to come out now… Great…

Reviewed: Skullcandy Link Hydro Pack

For the past two weeks I’ve been testing a new backpack from Skull Candy. This pack is perfect for anyone who is on the go because it integrates a hydration system and the ability to play your mp3 player (iPod/iPhone supported) through stereo speakers located on the pack straps! How did it all work? Read on. One part of this backpack that I REALLY love is the integrated speaker system. Imagine heading on a hike/bike or walk and not having to worry about wearing headphones that might block out the sounds of your surroundings. I do a lot of hiking…

Goodbye Blackberry, It’s Not Me – It’s You – Here Are 10 Reasons I Left

On Friday I transferred my Blackberry phone number from T-Mobile over to my Apple iPhone, effectively terminating my contract with T-Mobile and ending a 15+ year practice of taking a Blackberry with me everywhere I went. In January I’d purchased an iPhone (“just to try it out”). Like many iPhone owners, I’d been hauling two phones with me. The Blackberry was my main email phone. The iPhone the web browser, Twitter client, music/video player, and picture taker phone. During the past week I was out at the Sage Software Insights Reseller Conference where they’d asked me to speak about Social…

Dash Express GPS Review: Three Words- Bulky, Buggy, Beta

The Dash Express Two-Way Internet-Connected Portable GPS Navigator exploded overnight onto many online blogs – prompting blogger Jason Calacanis to proclaim it “Best Product of 2008“. In case you missed the hoopla around this release, the Dash Express is your typical automative GPS guidance system with two innovative features. First, it includes a WIFI and GPRS cellular transmitter for moving data onto and off your device (think updates and real time exchange of traffic flow). Second, it talks to Yahoo Local Search for real time searches (when in a data coverage area). It’s marketed exclusively through Amazon for 9 and…

Pre-Wrap: Versatile and Fun Headbands For The Female Athlete In Your Life

Until about a week ago I’d never heard of Pre-Wrap. When I asked my hairdresser earlier in the week whether she’d heard of it, she nodded her head and promptly produced a small bottle of liquid used prior to coloring hair. Wrong! Pre-wrap is not a liquid, it’s a foam underwrap used primarily by athletes before putting on athletic tape. But someone discovered another great use for it. Creating hair tie backs for female athletes (and non-athletes). Because it’s sold in rolls of varying colors, you can stock up (like I did) and always have a color ready for any…

Add 10 calories, 3G Sugar, and 50 Mg Caffeine to Water and What Do You Get? TrimWater??

When I see products like TrimWater I wonder how any of it gets sold except through slick marketing. The company, the same one that makes TrimSpa diet products, used to market this through a now expired agreement with the TrimSpa diet folks, appears to have taken …. water … added flavoring and sweetener (10 calories per drink plus 3 G sugar) – and then marketed it as TrimWater. Since when is ADDING 10 calories, 50 mg of caffeine (12 oz Diet Pepsi has 35 mg for comparison), and 3 grams of sugar (no matter how small an amount) to water…

Evolve Showerhead Review – Save Time, Water and Energy

How often does this happen? You start the shower so that it can warm up and then you’re distracted by other things. Maybe the kids call you from another room, you start folding clothes, reading an article in the newspaper. Suddenly 5, 10 or 15 minutes can suddenly pass and the entire time you’re wasting hot water. Evolve Showerheads has a solution. And it’s not the typical reduced flow showerhead. What they’ve done is add a temperature flow valve that auto-senses when the shower reaches 95 degrees. Then it slows the water to a trickle – saving otherwise wasted hot…

SkyVenture Orlando: A Safter Way To Skydive For Those Afraid of Heights, Failing Parachutes and Crash Landings

Would you ever skydive? That’s a question that I’ve always answered with a resounding “no way – no how”. My fear of meeting “Mr Earth” face first is much stronger than any thrill seeking ambitions. At least I thought so until I found an indoor skydiving center located in Orlando. Indoor skydiving offers the freedom and excitement of skydiving, but without the jump or hard fall. In the tunnel, your instructor will assist you in leaning directly into the wind flow so you will be lifted up. An instructor will be with you one-on-one while you are in the tunnel….

Review: Petty Driving Experience Orlando: Drive It Like You Stole It

Five years ago while at a conference in Orlando I booked an 8 lap session at the Richard Petty Driving Experience. They hold two classes daily – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Surprisingly the hardest thing about the class was keeping up with the instructor. You’d think that once inside a race care that you’d tend to drive fast. I found (along with most of the others that day) that I was overly cautious. That doesn’t mean I still wasn’t able to round the track at 125 mph. More photos, as well as some tips and…

AeroGarden Pro 100 – Indoor Gardening Made Simple – Review

About 3 months ago I saw an AeroGarden advertised in Sharper Image and did further investigation as it seemed interesting. An appliance you just plug in a seed pod, 2 nutrient tablets and water (no soil! Yay!). And on your counter you’ll quickly have enough fresh herbs to last a lifetime. Being the gadget geek that I am there are very few home devices that have a microprocessor that I don’t own. So this was new and somewhat exciting. Combine nature, healthy eating, and a touchpanel….Joy!

Tazz Virtual Makeovers Make (almost) Anyone Look Good

Tazz is an online makeover site that does an admirable job of recognizing your facial features from an uploaded photograph. You experiment in real time with different hairstyles, eye color (different contact lenses) makeup (colors and shades). There’s an easy way to compare before and after photos and share them with friends. Thinking this would improve my self-portrait that I used in the reader contest a month ago – I decided to give the service a shot. The results aren’t pretty – so you may want to skip them and just use the link below to upload and try the…

SiriusMac 2.1: Streaming Sirius Satellite Radio To Your Mac

Hi my name is Wayne and I’m a Howard Stern addict. Been hooked since High School. That doesn’t mean I’m living in a home surrounded by dirty pictures, obscenities, beer funnels and strippers – though that’s the image everyone seems to have whenever I mention Stern. I find his show a funny voice that gets me moving in the morning. With his move to Sirius Satellite Radio I’ve been listening to Sirius Satellite using their web feed and a very cool and free tool called SiriusMac. Here’s why I think it’s so useful – and if you’re a Sirius Satellite…

Keurig Ultra B50 Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System

While waiting at Valvoline to get my oil changed I was introduced to the Keurig Brewing system which they had in their lobby. This is a coffee and tea machine that uses self-contained cups of tea, cocoa or ground coffee. I’d previously used Senseo machines (leaky, somewhat messy). What interested me about the Keurig was that the coffee is all enclosed in a K-Cup – so there is no messy cleanup or annoying need to grind coffee. So, is this better than the old drip makers? Does it outperform similar machines like the Senseo?

Hallmark’s New Self Adhesive Gift Wrap – Time Saver or Just Tacky?

Hallmark announced on Monday a new line of wrapping paper. Instead of using tape , this paper is self adhesive and Hallmark claims the wrap is “sticky enough to create clean lines and crisp folds without leaving any residue on the gift“. I couldn’t resist testing these claims – so I headed to Hallmark Gold Crown (the only place it’s sold). Here are my thoughts on whether this is worth the extra $1.20 per roll that I paid ($4.99 for adhesive vs $ 3.79 for similar sized regular wrapping paper). P.S. – Even if you’re not looking for wrapping paper…

New York City Automatic Toilet: $ 110,000 for a Wet Seat?

Yesterday we made a trip into New York City. Finding a (clean) bathroom when in the city can be a challenge. In January of 2008 the City of NY unveiled a fully automatic bathroom that cleans itself after each use. Well, I just had to check it out. And I made a YouTube video to show you the high and low points of my experience.

Review: Zibra Open It! Will This Packaging Removal Tool Render Scissors Obsolete?

One thing I hate about Christmas morning is fighting the industrial strength “blister pack” around my kids’ toys. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. (Did I mention I don’t like it?). If I use a razor to open this industrial strength substance, I risk amputation of fingers. Since I have twins, the fun is doubled and somehow the kids don’t understand “it will take Dad a minute to get this open”. They want the toy opened (a) Now! and (b) Fast. Enter the Open-It! – a safer way to open almost any type of packaging known to mankind.

eStarling WIFI Digital Photo Frame Review

When I was at DigitalLife 2007 in NYC this summer, I looked around hoping to find a digital photo frame which supported WIFI. My goal was to find a frame with Internet connectivity that would auto-update itself by using photos contained in my Flickr account.

Bose In-Ear Headphones Review

Bose bills their Tri-Port Acoustic Headphones as the “only in-ear headphones with the rich audio and comfortable fit not available from conventional designs“. I’ve been testing a pair in various locations – mainly while sitting still at home, on the elliptical machine at the gym and out walking around the neighborhood. The headphones are not terribly expensive at $ 99. At least not by today’s standards. Are they worth the money?