Meet Winerack – Beerbelly’s Adventurous Little Sister


I don’t know which is funnier. The fact that there is a sister product to The BeerBelly named The Winerack – whose purpose is to let you sneak booze into events where BYOB is prohibited hold 25oz of wine or other beverage in a sports bra where you then drink it through a flexible tube. Or, that the company that makes it wants to send us a sample and asked Judie her bra size:

Hi Judie,

I just saw the write up on your site about The Beerbelly and your comment that the WineRack needs to come out now… Great News, it is out, and we’d love to send you one to try out if you like. Here’s a few photos of before and after for your review as well.

If you’re interested, please let me know where to send it and I’m sure you don’t get asked this question too often via e-mail… what bra size you wear so we can send you the proper size. We promise to keep it a secret.

Since Judie’s the boss, I’m going to end this little commentary right here and suggest that you let her know you’d like her YouTube video review as soon as possible…

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