AAXA P1 Jr. LCOS Pico Projector Review

I’ve been fascinated by the numerous pico projectors that have been released in the past few years. The idea of being able to connect your phone or media device to something just about the same size and throw the picture, slide or video playing on the former up on a wall by using the latter seemed… well, it seemed rather cool to me. It certainly intrigued my geekier side. So when AAXA released their AAXA P1 Jr. I took note. It claims to be the “world’s smallest LCOS pico projector with onboard MP4 player”. When they reached out and asked…

Vimeo Adds Ability to Embed Video in iPad-Friendly HTML5 Format

About a year and a half ago I took of my community’s website and rebuilt it from the ground up using the excellent program RapidWeaver. I wanted to create a site that was more flexible, could become an educational resource rather than just share facts and was easily updated in order to ensure that it was always relevant to my community. I also wanted to be able to share as many pictures and as much video as possible. The site was even built in such a way that when you go to it from an iPhone you are automatically redirected…

The Netflix Player by Roku Review

I know it’s just the first week of 2009, but I suspect that when we are preparing to welcome 2010 in some 360 days, the Roku player that I purchased just over a week ago will be on my list of “favorite gadgets of 2009”.