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March 29, 2010 • News

Complete a Survey on Your Twitter Usage; Help a Grad Student

Cindy Kelly is conducting a Twitter Research Survey for her grad school project, and she could use your help. If you are over the age of 18, and you don’t mind answering simple questions about your motivations and expectations from Twitter usage, you’d be doing your good deed for the day if you clicked the …

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February 17, 2010 • Gear Bits

Please Rob Me; the Perfect Compliment to Foursquare and Twitter

If you’re a burglar, and you are tired of staking out homes only to be stymied as you break in because the owner is still there, have I got an application for you! Stop staking out houses and start staking out the new site, Please Rob Me. Instead of watching to see if there is …

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October 16, 2009 • How to Do It Yourself!

Twitter rolls out lists – once again you can view your contacts through the noise

Twitter has started to offer the ability to create lists of contacts within your Twitter account. This feature is being rolled out to a few users right now so if you don’t see the feature in your account when you log in then you’ll likely have to wait for it to be added. What do …

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September 13, 2009 • Reviews

qTweeter Gets New Name, Apple Approval But Loses Key Functionality

qTweeter is one of the best reasons to jailbreak. Once installed via Cydia all you do is draw your finger down from the top of the screen and an input window appears and allows you to quickly update your Twitter or Facebook status. Now the app has been approved by Apple and released in the …

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September 3, 2009 • News

Rollip Makes Your Photos Look Like Polaroids

OK, I am definitely a product of the 80’s & 90’s…nothing beats GI Joe (uh..the original!), Saved By the Bell, Alf (yeah that just happened), and Polaroid pictures! Unless you are able to track down one of these relics at a yard sale or flea market, what can you do?.

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August 9, 2009 • Reviews

Palm Pre App Catalog. 30 Apps in 30 Days. Day 9: Tweed

Do you Twitter?  Are you a Twit with your Tweets?  I’ll be honest here and tell you that I really don’t Twitter.  Sure, I have an account, and have tried to understand it, but it just never did much for me.  That being said, I do understand that millions of people out there send what …

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August 5, 2009 • Reviews

Twitterena+ Pro for iPhone OS Review

If there’s one thing the iTunes App Store is not short on it’s Twitter applications. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Twitter user.  I’ve tried at least ten different Twitter apps on my iPhone and usually end up returning to three or so of the apps I call the “big guys.” Software developer …

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July 23, 2009 • Reviews

Simply Tweet for iPhone Review

For whatever reason none of the big names in Twitter clients have released their updated versions that support push notification for Twitter. However, several solutions have emerged over the past few weeks to solve this issue. I recently took at look at Boxcar which is an add on to your existing Twitter client to enable …

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June 2, 2009 • Editorials

China Blocks… Pretty Much Everything

It’s amazing that in these troubling times filled with economic uncertainty and unbridled social woe, the petty-minded governments of various countries still manage to find the time and resources to censor media outlets in order to protect their citizenry from the corrupting influence of free speech. Iran briefly blocked access to Facebook, ahead of its …

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May 23, 2009 • News

PhoneFace Adds Improved Contact Search Integration

PhoneFace, the Photo Speed Dial application for BlackBerry and Android, has been updated for improved contact search integration to select your friend’s photo ID based on their Facebook or Twitter profile pics — or selecting a photo that you saved directly to your phone.   Simply start typing the name of your contact, and PhoneFace …

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May 22, 2009 • Editorials

Is Greed Good on the Internet?

begin rant Why does everything have to be about money?  Why is someone always looking to get something for nothing?  Free this, free that, promotional item here, promotional item there. Has capitalism ruined the beauty of some of the things that are free on the internet? I do video reviews on YouTube.  Earlier this week …

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April 26, 2009 • Reviews

Twitter Desktop Clients for Mac, Dual Review

By now most of us are aware of Twitter.  If you’re not Twitter is a “service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” Twitter is popular.  The service doubled its user base in March alone (See this link).  …

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January 25, 2009 • Reviews

New Twhirl beta turbocharges Twitter – becomes must have Twitter client

If you’re not into the whole Twitter scene – stop reading now. If you’ve tried Twitter and just didn’t get it (which some days I don’t either) – an update to a popular software program called Twhirl was just released that may win you back. This incredible upgrade (beta) to the Adobe Air based Twhirl …

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