Twitterena+ Pro for iPhone OS Review


If there’s one thing the iTunes App Store is not short on it’s Twitter applications.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Twitter user.  I’ve tried at least ten different Twitter apps on my iPhone and usually end up returning to three or so of the apps I call the “big guys.”

Software developer Andrew Weeks has just recently released his newest Twitter client for the iPhone Twiterena+ Pro.

Is there a new contender for top iPhone Twitter app?

Read on to find out.

The app launches quick fast and your time line loads first.

Like any good Twitter client, when loaded, Twitterena+ Pro brings you to the first unread Tweet in your time line.

All your unread tweets appear in a different color from read ones as well.


If you choose to view your @ replies, also called mentions, they appear in a different color on the time line.


You may favorite tweets, saving them to be viewed any time and access them along the bottom navigation bar.


The search feature allows to you to search both by location and current trends.


Replying to tweets or composing new ones is rather straight forward but the background wallpaper is fully customizable.


The new tweet box also includes an address book of all the people you’re following.  This makes composing a new tweet to someone who’s Twitter name you’ve forgotten quite simple.


You may also turn the phone sideways to type out your Tweet in landscape mode.


Tapping on a tweet brings up the tweet itself in addition to information on the user.

From there you can choose to reply to the tweet, DM the user, RT, view the user’s recent tweets or his/her profile.


One of the more unique features of Twitterena+ Pro is the ability to add a user to watch.


Adding a user’s twitter name provides you easy access to his/her entire timeline.


Twitterena+ Pro’s other unique feature is its Facebook integration.  You can now update both your Twitter status and Facebook status with one single Tweet.


The app includes five themes to choose from.


The settings, which are located under the iPhone’s regular settings icon, are quite detailed.

You see your account information.  Twitterena+ Pro does support multiple Twitter accounts.

You can also set what exactly refreshes when you launch the app, change the theme as well as the font size.


There is the ability to set whether you view a person by their real name or user name, whether you want new mentions and new time line messages to change color and  you can also turn on or off the app’s Facebook integration.


Finally you can also select how, if at all, you wish to be notified of new Tweets.


There is no support right now for push notifications but I’ve been told Boxcar will be supporting Twitterena+ Pro in its next release.

The developer also tells me he plans on adding support for video tweets in the next release as well.

You can see a short video demo of Twitterena+ Pro here;

So is Twitterena+ Pro the client for you?  Truth be told only you can answer that question.  There are certainly enough Twitter clients out there that everyone should be able to say “XZY” is the best client for me.  There’s no denying that the developer of Twitterena+ Pro spends a tremendous amount of time communicating with his potential customers.   I respect the way he’s gone about spreading the word about his creation and the application does have some unique features.

If you’re in the market for a new Twitter client, Twitterena+ Pro is worth a look especially if you’re a light-medium Twitter user.  It has a clean interface with some unique features.

The Facebook integration is very useful for those who wish to update both social media outlets at the same time and the custom background is a cute touch.

You can learn more about Twitterena+ Pro in the iTunes App Store.

M.S.R.P. – $3.99

What I like – Ability to update Facebook and Twitter, uses Twitlonger, Themes, Custom Background.

What I don’t like – Time line view isn’t as clear as some other Twitter apps.

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