Creative Zen Vision W Unboxing

After my disappointing experience with the Cowon A2 –and yup, I did return it–but still determined to see if a personal media player (PMP) can be a good thing to have around, I decided to give the Creative Zen Vision W a try (I’m still on the waiting).

Once again, the basic specs of the device are intriguing:

  • Creative Zen Vision W (the widescreen version), available at various places for around $300 (30GB) or $375 (60GB)
  • 9.7oz/276g (30GB); 10.5oz/297g (60GB)
  • 4.3″, 480×272 pixel TFT screen (landscape mode, ‘natch)
  • built-in FM radio
  • personal info management (PIM) capability–according to the web site, “Store and view all the information that’s important to you – daily tasks, contact lists and even a calendar – that you sync with Microsoft Outlook, or edit with Creative Media Explorer.”

I will get into all the other spec details in my full review in a couple of weeks.

So here’s the original package.

geardiary zen unboxing 01

geardiary zen unboxing 02

There’s a “slip-on” package over the main package. Here’s the interior package. (Definitely going for that Apple minimalist look; it reminds me of The Beatles’ White Album.)

geardiary zen unboxing 03

Opening the package, you see the docs, the software CD, some promotional material, and a soft velveteen pouch for the device (no hard leatherette case, apparently).

geardiary zen unboxing 04

Removing that material reveals a flip-up panel.

geardiary zen unboxing 05

under which is the Zen Vision W itself, and some additional boxes containing the components.

geardiary zen unboxing 06
Already I have to say that I prefer the look of the Zen Vision W to that of the Cowon A2. Nothing objective; I just prefer flat-black to white for my gadgetry.

The narrow box just above the device contains the USB cable and the ear-buds. (Notice that Creative put some semi-circular cutouts into the side of this and the other component boxes to make them easier to remove from the main box. I personally always appreciate this kind of attention to detail.)

geardiary zen unboxing 07

Underneath the Vision W and the narrow component box is a larger box that contains the other components.

geardiary zen unboxing 08

Here are the components sitting on top of their box.

geardiary zen unboxing 09

The complete set of components from Creative. Again, the white power adapter very much has an “Apple” feel to it (for me, this is a good thing).

geardiary zen unboxing 10

And finally, here is the Vision W, by its lonesome, just before I plugged it in to charge.

geardiary zen unboxing 11

The Zen Vision W is currently plugged into my Belkin surge protector. Tomorrow I will commence loading my various movies, music, and documents onto it, as well as seeing if I can figure out how to sync it to Outlook.

Look for the full review in a couple of weeks.

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  1. I agree its a quite a nice looking unit!! My only problem with it is it doesn’t support Windows Media Centre recorded TV. For me that is an important feature, but it has all the other ones 😀


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