Tablets Galore: A Quick Look at The iPad 2, HTC Flyer and Asus EEE Pad Transformer

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I’ve been checking out a number of different tablets and, for a brief period, had more than usual at home at one time. Here’s a brief, biased look at three current offerings: one awesome, one quite impressive and one that did not impress at all.


(Spoiler Alert/Disclaimer: the EEE Pad Transformer had not been updated to the Honeycomb 3.1 update that will be available tomorrow. It MAY improve some of the performance issues. No update, however, can fix the cheap plastic feel, the single microphone’s bad speech recognition performance and the tinny speakers.)


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  1. I have no experience with the Eee Transformer, but I appreciate your video. I thought the form factor would be interesting, and maybe it will be for some who want a tablet/netbook. However, for me, I definitely want the dual mics and speakers. The mics especially help with voice recognition. I agree that the build quality of the iPad 2 and HTC Flyer are both excellent. No desire to move to a plasticky device.