June 19, 2009

Kindle’s DRM Rears Its Ugly Head… And It IS Ugly

I love my Amazon Kindle. I love reading with it, I love how light it is,  and I love the battery life. I also love the fact that it automatically syncs with the Amazon Kindle application on my iPhone and iPod touch. That means any book will open to the last page read regardless of the device last used.  it is an amazing bit of technology   that makes reading books across multiple platforms beyond simple. It’s a perfect situation — right? Well, it’s an almost perfect situation. This afternoon I discovered a huge Achilles heel in the whole Amazon Kindle…

ModelBaker Promises Fast iPhone & Android App Development

So you’ve got your iPhone all up and running on 3.0, eh?  Maybe it’s now time to finally “mobilize” your website or application, but you are not a programmer.  Widget Press has you covered with a rapid application development tool called ModelBaker, which provides a drag-and-drop interface that will create an application for iPhones or Android devices without coding.

iLaugh for iPhone Review

Everyone loves a good laugh, though sometimes coming up with something funny or original can be a challenge. For my tween sons, the breadth of humor consists primarily of body parts, bodily functions, and silly quotes from movies. However, as we mature (hopefully) we would like a bit more substance and diversity in our humor. Enter iLaugh, the new App for the iPhone and iPod Touch that puts a database of over 50,000 jokes at your fingertips!

iPhone 3G S Awesome For Everything But Calls – Activation Issues Plague Many

New iPhones are reaching customers throughout the world today. People are excitedly opening the boxes, putting away their old iPhone’s (or dropping them on the ground) and hurrying to set up activate their “Zippier” phones. Unfortunately, it’s “déjà vu all over again” as many, including myself, are having problems activating the darn things.

Swapping the Drive On A 13″ MacBook Pro

Yesterday Mitchell posted a first look at his new 13″ MacBook Pro. In his terrific overview he showed a few pictures of his swapping out the installed drive for a mammoth 500GB drive. As luck would have it the 120GB Solid State Drive I ordered from NewEgg earlier in the week arrived while I was reading it. As a result, the iPhone 3G S that is “Out for Delivery” isn’t the only piece of “zipper” Apple Hardware I’ll be enjoying. Instead of taking some shots of the install I figured I would grab my Flip UltraHD and film it. So…

How much is that MP3 Download Worth? How about $80,000?!?

I am a staunch anti-piracy fighter: I engage in forum discussions about it on a regular basis, and also being a hardcore PC gamer I see the direct impact of piracy on that hobby. I see how it has impacted where developers target their games, how many top-level PC games are released, and the increasingly draconian DRM schemes used to try to thwart piracy … most of which simply punish honest customers. I constantly rail against piracy and try to stop folks from doing it when I can. That said, I have absolutely no love for the RIAA , the…

Unboxing The iPhone 3G S – A GD Video

Travis got his iPhone 3G S at the Apple Store this morning, and Larry’s iPhone arrived at his home home a bit ago. I’m still waiting. 🙁 Larry has unboxed his on camera for your viewing pleasure. (Hint: Pay special attention to the gentle way Larry treats his iPhone 3G, now that it has been left for a newer, hotter model.)

In The Waiting Line for an iPhone

Below You’ll find an account of Travis’ experience this morning but here you’ll find the first iPhone 3G S-shot Gear Diary Video. (We will assume someone else was driving… right?)