Color Claw For iPhone Review

From the Developer: Color Claw is an iPhone app that allows the user to adjust the color of a photo using another photo to provide the desired colors.

Color Claw can be used to:

  • Remove the effects of artificial lighting
  • Add life and color to photos
  • Give an exotic look to pictures

There are 3 steps to using Color Claw.

  • Step One: Select Your Photo
    Select the photo you want to process.
  • Step Two: Select Coloring Photo
    The Coloring Photo provides the colors for your ColorClawed photo.
  • Step Three: Color Claw It!
    Step 3 processes and displays the ColorClawed photo.

Color Claw is a simple application.  Simply choose a photo you want to adjust, choose a photo to provide coloring then see the finished product.  To begin, tap the window for the photo to change.  The camera roll will automatically open and allow the choice of photo.  Once happy with the photo, click to move to step two.

Step two provides the choice of choosing the coloring photo from the camera or one of six Color Claw Colorings.  Once happy with the choice, the app adjusts the color of the original photo.  Simply wipe back to the previous step at anytime to choose different photos.  The final product allows for some adjustments to the colors to customize the effect.

Through the iPhone settings the view may be switched to Pro Look UI to get a different view.  I like this view over the default since it is much more clean and intuitive.  Three windows allows for all photos to be viewed in one screen and a much more pleasant user experience.

As you can see from the screen shots, some interesting effects are possible for your photos.  I was unable to adjust any photos to correct or enhance for normal use.  After several attempts, an Olga style effect was possible.  The interface for this app is nice, but the final product was not very satisfying.

One major problem I encountered was with pictures taken in landscape.  Even though the app is usable in landscape with the Pro Look UI, pictures taken in the mode lose their aspect ratio.  Most of my pictures are taken in landscape, so this was disappointing.  This app is not a complete loss, but with a large number of photo effects apps on iTunes, shop around before purchasing.  The user experience is a great start, but the final product would keep me from recommending this app to many users.

Color Claw is available here in the app store for $2.99.

What I like: Slick interface.  Pro Look UI is the best way to use the app.

What could be improved: Maintain ratio for photos taken in landscape.  Either provide Color Claw Colorings to assist in lighting or do not change the colors so drastically.

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