Review: Wii Pedestal Base

Review: Wii Pedestal Base

Sometimes a product does not have to be complex to be great.  Little nifty things like the 3 beads on the Zagg  Smartbuds Dan just reviewed.  It seems so simple, but makes a world of difference in its use.  Is the Wii Pedestal Base one of these products?  Let’s find out.

The Wii Pedestal Base is very simple and a piece of cake to assemble.  It is basically 2 pieces of clear acrylic plastic.  The smaller piece goes on top and has 4 sticky pads on it.  They are designed that if you put it in the wrong place, you can pull it up and move it to your preferred position.

Review: Wii Pedestal Base

Once the top is mounted, you put the pedestal where you want it in your entertainment center, remove the plastic disc on the bottom of your Wii’s stock stand, place the Wii including the silver portion of the stock stand on the pedestal and then stack your games next to your Wii.  Underneath the pedestal is a storage space for your Wii motes.

Review: Wii Pedestal Base

The stand isn’t heavy at all.  You can put this on top of a glass entertainment center and it shouldn’t scratch or more the glass.  The clear acrylic showed no mold seams or flaws that I could notice when I put it together.  It’s got a modern look that fits right in with the Wii.

I have to say that this pedestal definitely makes the Wii look better and keeps everything organized.  It’s definitely one of those simple things that makes something better.  I want to thank for sending out this sample that I am keeping in my entertainment center.  It is available now from for only $24.95.  Good luck having your big kids and small kids keep everything where it needs to go at the end of their Wii Session! 😉

What I liked: Simple idiot proof assembly instructions.  Looks great!  Reduces the amount of space your Wii takes up.

What needs improvement: Not sure if having more space for games would make it better or not, but if you have more than 7 games, they won’t all fit in this.  If it was a bit wider, you could put the games face up instead of on their edge and then pile the games higher than the Wii.  You could also take the discs out of the cases and put it into a disc binder which should fit right next to the Wii.

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