Feuer Wear: Gear Made From Recycled Fire Hose


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Feuer Wear: Gear Made From Recycled Fire Hose

As a firefighter, when I came across this company I was immediately intrigued.

Feuer Wear produces a wide range of products all from recycled fire hose.  Feuer is the German word for “fire.”  Their line includes bags, belts and wallets.  Each piece they produce has its individuality.  The hoses used in production come from actual fire companies where they spent countless hours in service.  Fire hose takes a beating.  It’s soaked, dragged, run over, covered in soot and exposed to extreme heat and fire.  Each hose is scrubbed clean and then cut to size.  But each hose retains it own individuality which makes every piece the company produces unique.

There are several types of fire hose.  Feuer Wear uses types C and B for their line.  The colors of the hoses the company uses are typically red and white but they also incorporate black into their line by turning hose inside out.  As more and more fire companies add hose with yellow reflective colors into service, Feuer Wear will be able to utilize it in production once the hoses are retired.  They do have a limited number of styles available in yellow too.

Each Feuer piece is hand crafted.  Their staff chooses which hose best suits each application.  Reusing is Feuer Wear’s primary mission.  They seek to create items which have no negative impact on the environment.

Their Scott Messenger style bag, which is meant for laptops, comes in 3 sizes (17″, 15″, and 13″) and is available in a ton of color combinations.

SCOTT is the Notebook bag from Feuerwear®. With dimensions of 31cm x 37cm x 13 cm any portable computer with a screen up to 15“ can be safely stowed in this bag. And the shoulder bag has additional space for an A4 ring binder. Other accessories like mobile phones, keys and pens are easy to find in the inside organizer pockets. And if you want to leave the computer at home, simply remove the padded inside sleeve. The practical waist belt, like a rucksack, makes it easier to carry heavy loads, especially for

Feuer Wear: Gear Made From Recycled Fire Hose

Their Walter Messenger Bag is big enough to carry larger D-ring binders and has an inside compartments for storage.

With its dimensions of 30 cm height, 34 cm width and 12 cm depth, the Walter shoulder bag can easily transport an A4 file folder. An extra inside organizer pocket offers a handy spot for wallet and mobile phone. The practical key finder rounds off the perfect WALTER bag.

Feuer Wear: Gear Made From Recycled Fire Hose

If you prefer a more vertical design their Jack Vertical Messenger Bag fits the bill.

They also have an inside pocket and offer plenty of space for A4 documents.  JACK has an adjustable shoulder strap and is especially suitable for fashion-conscious guys.

Feuer Wear: Gear Made From Recycled Fire Hose

Did I mention there are a ton of styles to choose from?  Here’s a small sampling of what’s available for the 13″ Scott alone.

Feuer Wear: Gear Made From Recycled Fire Hose

In addition to messenger style bags Feuer Wear also makes purses, shopper style bags, wallets, belts, day-planner folios and a few other styles too.  Their prices range from €39 to €179 which for a handmade, one of a kind item seems very reasonable to me.

You can check out the entire line by visiting the company’s home page, here.

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