Design Custom Jewelry Online with GemKitty

Design Custom Jewelry Online with GemKitty

Ever wanted to design your own jewelry but don’t know where to start? Well, you no longer need to pore over the aisles at the craft store–just jump online at and design your own earrings!

Next week GemKitty is introducing their custom earring platform that allows users to customize a pair of earrings with five different styles, two quality metals, and over seventy real semi-precious gemstones.

I was able to preview the site and it’s super easy to use–just a few clicks allows you to set your style, select from sterling silver or 14K gold filled findings, and choose the different gemstones for your earrings. The looks are delicate and on trend, very fashionable, and could be dressed up or down depending on how you wear them. My favorite pair was The Emma, which features a cascade of dangling, faceted gemstones. They’re just the kind of earrings I like to wear with all this curly hair of mine–they make a statement!

Design Custom Jewelry Online with GemKitty

The convenience of designing your own jewelry cannot be denied–you could create a pair to wear with your favorite outfit, make bridesmaid jewelry to match your wedding colors, or customze a gift for the jewelry lover in your life. Earrings cost between $32 and $68, depending on the gemstones and style selected. They are handmade to order in the GemKitty studio in Portland, OR and are said to ship out in five days. Not a bad turn around time for completely custom jewelry. It looks like necklaces will be next on the list for customizable pieces, ranging in price from $67 to $250.

Here’s a little bit about the founder of GemKitty:

GemKitty founder Arwa Jumkawala was born and raised in Hong Kong to parents in the gemstone jewelry trade. She grew up surrounded by bright and colorful baubles, and the even more colorful collection of individuals who  scout, mine, cut, polish, broker, and barter these treasures around the globe.   She proudly wore her first jewelry creation, a rose quartz and garnet necklace,  to kindergarten. Her favorite gemstones are amethyst and amazonite.

Arwa has been cited as a fashion expert by and has contributed guest articles on current jewelry fashion trends to publications such as  Primer Magazine.

I can’t wait for the site to go live so I can make myself a pair. Visit next week to try GemKitty out for yourself!

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