180 Gram Records Unveils Everly Brothers Collector’s Edition LP Box Set!

180 Gram Records Unveils Everly Brothers Collector's Edition LP Box Set!

I remember reading a report early this year from the UK showing that in an age of declining physical music media sales, the only positive note was that sales of LP’s, those classic 12″ 33-1/3 RPM vinyl records, had doubled in 2009! Of course, the numbers are still small but they show there is an audience for classic vinyl records.

Personally I have moved more and more to digital music. For quite a while I would buy CD’s and rip to WinAMP / MusicMatch / iTunes, recreating how I would buy LP’s and play once just to record to cassette tape and keep the LP in pristine condition. Several years ago I moved my hundreds of records from my parent’s house, but by then I had largely replaced everything in the collection in CD or digital formats.

I had actually bought my wife a record player console a few years ago when she had retrieved all of her LP’s and 45’s from her parent’s house – we both have a bunch of records in the cabinet there and I am amazed at how much fun we have putting on old records like Woodstock or The Partridge Family or ‘Billy Don’t Be a Hero’ and sharing the fun with our kids.

If the name ‘Everly Brothers’ doesn’t mean anything to you, neither will this collection. They were a huge force in pop music in the late 50’s, and their songs are still enjoyable now. Here are some details about them and this collection:

The Everly Brothers’ music defined an era, influencing such artists as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, and the Eagles. Don and Phil, better known as the Everly Brothers, rose to stardom with iconic hits like “Wake Up Little Susie,” “All I Have to Do Is Dream,” and “Bye Bye Love,” fusing country and rock ‘n’ roll with unforgettable vocal harmonies. Members of both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Everly Brothers have left an indelible mark on American music. And now their music can be enjoyed and cherished again, in an exclusive boxed set from their 50s label, Cadence Records.

Cadence Records signed the brothers in early 1957, and represented them until a move to Warner Brothers Records in 1960. This brief window of time resulted in an explosion of creative output, on the part of Don and Phil Everly, beginning with their first chart-busting Cadence single, “Bye Bye Love,” and continuing with hit after irresistible hit.

All of the Everly Brothers’ biggest hits and musical masterpieces, from their Cadence period, have been selected from the vault for this limited edition 180 gram virgin vinyl four-LP boxed set. Fully re-mastered, each LP features the original artwork and running order, making this the first time the Everly Brothers Cadence Record catalog has been issued as a complete set in 180 gram virgin vinyl. This definitive numbered limited edition collection is sure to immediately become a vinyl collector and fan’s treasure.

This 4 180 gram LP Box Set and billboard poster is a tribute to the enduring sound of one of the most successful duos in rock ‘n’ roll history, and is a must have for collectors and music enthusiasts alike. Capture the magic of a unique era and a piece of history by purchasing your boxed set today.

Reading the material and looking at the website I am impressed at what they have put together. I have lamented in the past about how so many box sets include only half of what people really want, in order to be able to sell you another box set down the line. Or they will pile on out-takes, b-sides, and other stuff that was left on the cutting room floor for a reason – all to be able to up the price and make it look like a value.

This box set has the four main records containing all of the Everly Brothers most popular and influential songs, presented just as they were more than 50 years ago, along with extras that fans of the brothers will actually find interesting.

Of course, all of this great stuff doesn’t come cheap: the four record collection with all of the goodies will set you back $254.99. They are limited the run to 5000 copies which will be individually numbered. Shipping for the collection starts September 30th and you can place your orders here starting now!

Source: 180 Gram Records

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