Help Out with Their Galaxy Multiplayer Stress Test! announced their online multiplayer service Galaxy last summer and launched in Alpha more recently with support for a few of their multiplayer games. Now they are getting closer to a wider release, and they are looking for help doing a ‘stress test‘ of their servers! The test is this coming weekend – keep reading for more details!

Help Out with Their Galaxy Multiplayer Stress Test!

So far GoG Galaxy has been built out to support online multiplayer for Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000, Double Dragon Trilogy and The Witcher Adventure Game. They have an online forum and reports have been looking good, but now they really want to push things.

According to the GoG team:

We want to learn everything we can about our infrastructure under a lot of stress, how much we can handle before weird stuff starts to happen. That means plenty of people doing all kinds of things at once – rolling dice, beating up baddies, killing aliens.

We’re going to be hanging out in-game, and we’d like you to join us in trying to break our servers.

And of course they want feedback:

Once you’ve had a chance to play, let us know how your online experience went, and what we can do to improve it (keep in mind we’re not testing the games themselves, but the online infrastructure). You can vent, praise, and anything in between, in this forum thread.

It should be fun! So head to GoG and grab one of the supported games and get ready to test your skills – and the servers – with some online multiplayer!

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