Moft’s Stands Are a Truly Portable Way of Setting Your Devices Upright

The MOFT Stand is an adhesive that sits at the back of your devices, such as your laptops and even now your phones and tablets to make sure that you can enjoy an ergonomic comfort regardless of the situation.

The MOFT definitely solves a first world problem, but for me, it’s one of the things that you don’t really think that you’ll need until you actually use it.

Considered to be what Unbox Therapy calls an “invisible laptop stand” it’s not truly invisible, but you’ll barely know it’s there when it’s not being used.

It attaches to the bottom of your laptop and you can remove it at any time and possibly place it onto another laptop if you upgrade;  you can even attach it as I do to my Zoom L-8 mixer, which makes viewing our controls even easier.

It’s completely portable, allows you the ability to have not just one but two positions to situate your laptop. So, say if you’re in a coffee shop and you need the ability to have your laptop sit at a particular angle.

What makes the MOFT so special is that it’s so versatile. It doesn’t add any real weight to the bottom of your MacBook or your laptop. And if you like the idea of the MOFT on your laptop, and you’d like something that will work as well on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll want to check out the MOFT X.

The MOFT X, just like its bigger brother is a stand for your smartphone or your tablet that allows essentially the exact same thing. You’re able to position your smartphone or your tablet in positions that make it viewable so you don’t have to buy those annoying pop sockets that never sit flat on a table. The MOFT X allows you the ability to hold your phone or tablet perfectly in your hand as well as give you the angle that you want for perfect comfort when you’re using it and landscape or portrait. What I thought was pretty nifty with the smartphone version of the MOFT X is the fact that it doesn’t just sit horizontally, it can also be used to set your phone up vertically which is great for looking at YouTube clips as well as just doing a simple FaceTime with your family.

The MOFT X works well with face unlock, video chat, and it’s a great stand for using to browse the news hands-free now, which is perfect for my desk at work.

MOFT X is about five millimeters thin and only weighs a single ounce which feels like nothing when it’s in your hand. It also doubles as a wallet and can hold your business cards, credit cards on your driver’s license if you like and does have RFID so your cards are safe. This may quite possibly stop you from using your pop socket because it also works as a handgrip.

With the laptop version, it’s a lot of the same. Instead of just having the simple versions of angles, you have six angles, be it portrait or landscape you’re able to look at your tablet in any angle. That way. You can browse, sketch, breed, or even just like enjoy having a photo album on your phone if you wanted to.

To learn more about MOFT’s products, you should check out their website.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Slim and sits flush with your case; Does more than a PopSocket; Adjustable views; There is a MOFT that will work with your laptop, tablet, or phone

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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