iPad Accessory News: ELEMENTS by Revena Product Line Looks Awesome and Flexible

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I’ve had the chance to review a host of different ways to use your iPad hands free on a desk or attach it to a wall but the new ELEMENTS line from Revena looks to stand out from the pack thanks to its style and flexibility. As the company explains,

This new system allows iPad users to experience and utilize their iPad in any room of their home, their garage, workshop, auto, plane, train, office, soccer field…. the options are endless!

And this DOES indeed look to be the case.

It starts with the AXIS, “an iPad case with a patent-pending integrated mounting center system which enables the user to rotate their iPad 360° in any direction when used [with other items in the line].”

Revena_ EASEL-1.jpg

Use it with the EASEL, “a tabletop stand with a compact, fold-up travel design that easily connects to the AXIS and when placed on a flat surface such as a kitchen counter, desk or airplane seatback tray” and you get what promises to be a great hands free experience.

Revena_CLIP wall mount-1.jpg

Then there is the CLIP, “a wall mounting system that enables users to mount their iPad, in the AXIS case, to a flat solid surface”. The CLIP will sell in two-packs and looks to be a low profile way to hang your iPad in a variety of places. You can put one on the kitchen wall and read recipes while cooking thanksgiving diner or watch a video while you cook. There are TONS of possibilities and, because the CLIP is so small, it won’t stand out when not being used.

But there’s more to the system…

Revena_ JOURNEY auto mount-1.jpg

The JOURNEY is “an auto mount for the iPad, in the AXIS case, that fits snugly and discretely between the auto headrest and seat.” Once you attach the substantial-looking clip to the headset of a car seat you are ready to attach the iPad in the same way you do with the other parts of the line.


As the company explains, “Revena is the first company to release such an expansive line of iPad ‘hardware apps’. We’ve held briefings with industry analysts who have expressed their excitement for the line.”

They even have a folio case and a stylus available!

You can check out more images and pricing here on the Revena website. We have an ELEMENTS system on the way for review so keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks.

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    iPad Accessory News: ELEMENTS by Revena Product Line Looks Awesome and Flexible

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