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I reviewed the JAVOedge Axis case for the iPad back in July of this year. The case, which allows the user to view their iPad’s screen in either the portrait or the landscape position, is still one of the more unique designs on the market. The newly released Editor Axis Case builds on the original design and adds a few welcomed changes as well.

The Editor Axis case is made from a synthetic leather that’s pebbled. In addition to looking good the pebbled texture offers a nice feel and added grip. It features a magnetic closure flap that secures the top flap shut when you’re transporting your iPad. I did find the flap sometimes got in my way but I imagine after some lengthier use the flap would wear back out of the way.


The interior of the case features two sides.


The right side of the case features a cradle for your iPad. The plastic cradle is lined with a soft touch material which serves not only to protect that back side of your iPad but make sure it stays in the cradle at all times.  To secure your iPad into the case you simply click it into the cradle at the four corners.


The left side of the case features a synthetic material that feels close to suede. It holds three different notches that allow you to prop up your iPad for better viewing. The thick log style bumps from the original version of the Axis case have been replaced on the Editor with crevice like groves. This offers a much cleaner look.


The cradle which houses your iPad actually swivels allowing you to view your device in one of three landscape angles.




Or by simply moving the hinge around, one of three portrait.





You’ll still have access to your iPad’s buttons and ports while your device is in the Editors Axis case so if you wish to charge/sync, raise or lower the volume or mute it you’ll be able to do so without having to remove it from the case.


I’m not sure I know of any other case that offers the ability to prop up your iPad in both the landscape or the horizontal positions and at three different angles. There are a ton of stand style cases out there for the iPad but most, if not all, only allow you to stand up your iPad in one orientation. The Axis case’s dual stand mode makes it one of the most functional cases I’ve tried for my iPad. With the new improvements JAVOedge has made this case has just gotten better.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: Allows for use in both landscape and portrait modes at 3 different angles.

What Needs Improvement: Magnetic flap gets in the way sometimes.

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