Arctic Releases Land Rider 300 RC Racing Car Series

Arctic Releases Land Rider 300 RC Racing Car Series

Arctic has developed into a company who primarily made cooling solutions for computers to a company who releases high quality products of everything from speakers and keyboards to now hobby items. I have reviewed many items from Arctic and have yet to find something that was not high quality while staying affordable. Their newest line of RC toys.  As you can see in a post here, the first offerings were all service related vehicles.  They are now announcing a new line of Land Riders for those with faster tastes.  Take a look at the full release and product line.  These look awesome!

Arctic Releases Land Rider 300 RC Racing Car Series

On-Road Buggy
The on-road buggy has low-profile grippy tires that are able to handle high speed turns on on-road surfaces. Since its suspension is lowered with short shock springs, it has greater flexibility than on-road racing cars in performing jumps and stunts during races.

On-Road Car
The on-road car is designed to run on paved and relatively flat surfaces, such as a parking lot. Combine with minimal suspensions, and sleek and sophisticated outlook, it also travels with great acceleration.

Off-Road Truck
The off-road truck is a vehicle that rumbles their way up the steep hills and down the slopes. Land Rider 307 features large truck tires and a chassis that is engineered for driving on roughest terrains. The body and the ground clearance make them perfect for wild jumps in the terrain.

Off-Road Truggy
The off-road truggy is a cross between a truck and a buggy that combines speed with toughness to tackle wild stunts and wicked tracks. This vehicle is specifically designed for off-road racing while maintaining the qualities of a buggy – lightweight and decent speed.

Arctic Releases Land Rider 300 RC Racing Car Series

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