HEYKUBE: All the Nostalgia of a Rubik’s Cube with a Smart Kick into the 21st Century

HEYKUBE is the first all-in-one programmable smart cube marketed to the masses. The possibilities are endless with the option to create your own games, play others, or finally solve the classic cube puzzle.


Back in elementary school, I remember finding an old Rubik’s cube in a box downstairs and bringing it to school, and so started the Rubik’s cube craze in my school. You couldn’t enter a classroom in the school without finding at least one confiscated Rubik’s cube at a teacher’s desk. We were obsessed, just like millions of other kids around the world. While I never quite mastered solving one, I suspect that the kids and teachers who also weren’t able to would be thrilled to hear about HEYKUBE.


HEYKUBE is run using open API and Python Library and via Raspberry Pie, anyone can create patterns, solutions, music, games, and more. If that’s not enough, HEYKUBE has a companion app that enables you to share your creations with friends and family and challenge them. There are three basic ways to play with different levels of difficulty. Quick solve, learn to solve, and 16 pre-set patterns to solve.  According to HEYKUBE, “the solution is in your hand” as HEYKUBE beeps after each solved step, while the embedded LED lights guide you to the solution.


HEYKUBE was founded on the idea of an endless Rubik’s cube for users from experienced to beginner. Combining the nostalgia of the original Rubik’s cube with today’s technology, cubers will be occupied for years to come.

HEYKUBE, in with the old and the new, for a more immersive cubing experience.

Happy Cubing!


HEYKUBE sells for $99.99 on Amazon, and if you order in time for Father’s Day and Prime Day, you can get $20 off. Each HEYKUBE comes with a micro-USB charging cable, charger, instruction booklet, and QR code for Amazon tutorials.

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  1. This is a great idea to extend and reinvigorate a classic!

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