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Snowstorm in Helsinki
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As we brace for yet another winter storm here in the northeast (two actually but who’s counting) we can at least take some measure of comfort in knowing that January is finally over. [Now we just have to get through February and the first part of March and maybe, just maybe by then the snow will be gone.] January was a busy month for us. It began with CES 2011 and just kept right on going. At last count we had over 100 CES-related posts and dozens and dozens of other Gear Diary content. January saw the introduction of “GD Quickies”, quick editorial entries into our shared “Gear Diary”. Among the editors the month we saw Judie jump into using the Tab as her “daily driver”, saw Carly prepping for her Android-ified nook Color, Michael playing more games than ever, and Dan… yet again, trying an Android device only to return to iOS monogamy. And January saw every member of the Gear Diary team adding some amazing, wide-ranging content to the site.

Over the weekend we looked back over the first month of 2011 posts and pulled out a few that we personally found most interesting. In no particular order… Here they are…

We came… We saw… We want! – CES: Oakley 3D Glasses

Francis comes to Vegas a CES virgin… leaves a CES man – Surviving My First CES Experience: Learned Some New Rules of Engagement

Judie’s new favorite case – iPhone Accessory Review: XcelCase

Sometimes our fellow blogs strike a good deal of backroom chat – Tim Cook, AppleInsider and Boundaries… a GearChat

Dan gushed, Francis kept him in check with the Motorola Series –

First Ever Demo – Motorola Atrix 4? Phone To 20? Desktop to… 24? iMac

CES 2011 – Motorola’s Atrix and Xoom Poised for Glory. Part 1 of 2

CES 2011 – Motorola’s Atrix and Xoom Poised for Glory. Part 2 of 2 The Xoom!

Carly commits herself with a whole heart – Droid Does: Smartphone Monogamy

Problem solved – GD Quickie: the BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform; Thankfully Someone Was Listening

Another problem solved – The Wilson Electronics SignalBoost DB Pro Cell Phone Signal Amplifier Review

Michael shares more of his musical insight – Music Diary Reviews: All New Stuff Only!

It may be small but it packs a punch – The Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e Review: a Small Form Factor Desktop Computer

Baby you can drive my car – 2011 Scion xB: Which Way Funkytown?

We love their bags… You will too – CES: Meeting with Timbuk2

Seriously, we shot a shotgun at a hard drive! –  IoSafe Has Got My Back; Do They Have Yours?

Can you hear me finally? Too little too late? – The 3 Main Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Verizon iPhone … and 5 Reasons I Would Like To

Sibling rivalry – Gear vs Gear- Flip Camcorder vs… Flip Camcorder

February is here. The month is short, but one thing is for certain — Gear Diary won’t be short on content. Thank you all for reading the site, and for sharing your gear enthusiasm with us.

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