MindTheBook: Crowdsourced Book Recommendations


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MindTheBook: Crowdsourced Book Recommendations

Looking for a good book on a particular subject? There’s always trolling Amazon and checking out their suggestions, or browsing Borders Barnes and Noble, but now there’s a new way to add to your library: MindTheBook.
Basically, you ask a question, like, “How to make money on the internet?” and other people suggest titles. Those titles can be voted as helpful or not, and below the book listing is a link to Amazon (and a link to the Kindle version where available). It’s a neat idea, though it needs a strong userbase and lots of participation to really succeed. I’d also like to see integration to more eBookstores than just Amazon, though obviously if you find a book you’re interested in it’s not THAT hard to flip over to your bookstore of choice.

Overall the interface is very straightforward, and I like the clear-cut YES/NO votes on whether a book suggestion is on-topic. My biggest issue is that this is a standalone website. If it were integrated with Goodreads, Facebook, or another social network, I think you’d get more users, which leads to a higher volume of suggestions and questions.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this site, and hopefully it will grow and succeed! You can check out a slideshow better explaining the concept and goals behind the project below, and let us know in the comments if something like this appeals to you!

MindTheBook.com – every book answers a question

Via Lifehacker

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