Review: iFrogz Legion Earbuds and iFrogz Split

Review: iFrogz Legion Earbuds and iFrogz Split

Sometimes all you need is a set of headphones.  No microphone integrated and no bells and whistles except great looks.  The Legion ear buds from iFrogz fit the bill really nicely.  By the way, the name Legion comes from the X-men character.  Will the earbuds fit the name?  Let’s find out.

When I first saw these, the look of them reminded me of a turbine or something you might find on the death star.  I loved the look of these buds with the chrome and light blue coloring being eye-catching without being in your face.  They are also available in black/grey and a neon green.  They are a bit manly looking, but since I am a man that’s fine by me!

These are also in-ear headphones and I love that.  I know it’s not for everyone, but for me this is the style I prefer.  One of the reasons is it blocks out extraneous noise which is a plus in the conditions where I usually wear them.  Another reason is I find these are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time.   The Legion ear buds also come with multiple cushion sizes.  The standard medium cushions usually fit me the best and they are the ones in the pictures.

Great styling and comfort are only parts of the ear bud equation.   Sound is important too and these sound pretty good in most conditions.  On the bus I hear what I am listening to and not the road noise and the other passengers.  On the street, they block out most traffic noise, but you can still hear well enough to know when a car is about to take you out unless you really have the volume up.  Keep the volume at a safe level and save your hearing.  After all, we only are born with one set of ears.

Review: iFrogz Legion Earbuds and iFrogz Split

You might notice in some of the pics a black cable attached to the Legion earbuds.  This is the new iFrogz Split which let’s you plug 2 sets of buds into one headphone jack.  Now both people watching the movie can hear all the sound instead of sharing one set of buds. It’s available for $9.99 from iFrogz and a perfect companion to the Legion earbuds.

The Legion are  a great option if you want something that is totally different looking than the iconic white ear buds you see so many wear.  These are my current favorite earbuds and I use them daily.  They are available for $24.99 direct from iFrogz.

iFrogz Legion Ear Buds

What I liked: Nice looking earbuds that sound good and are well made.

What needs improvement: I’d like a in-line mike for these headphones.

iFrogz Split

What I liked: Multiple colors available and it works.

What I didn’t care for: Nothing.

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