Stop Filling Out Medical Forms! Is a Novel Solution for You to Maintain Your Health Records.


Stop Filling Out Medical Forms! Is a Novel Solution for You to Maintain Your Health Records.

A few years ago I started a Google Health account. I loved it. I had my entire medical history and medications in one place. Unfortunately Google Health is going away. So I started to search for a replacement.

My criteria were as follows:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Can hold my medical record
  3. Can hold my current and past medications
  4. Can Print out a summary sheet of my medical history and medications
  5. Ability to add documentation from my medical providers
  6. Ability to give my medical providers limited access to my medical history
  7. Secure based off of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards

There is not an order to these criteria; they are all equally important. Initially I found Microsoft HealthVault. This service did not meet my criteria above, but what it did was introduce me to! (I have to admit that the name is what initially attracted me. I hate clipboards, whether I am on the patient end or the practitioner end of the clipboard, the paperwork is not fun!)

What does well is give you a site that allows you to input and manage the health records of up to 10 family members depending on the type of subscription package that you choose. The different packages are as follows:

  1. Basic (free)-gives you ability to integrate with Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault. Also allows you to print your medical history summary.
  2. Individual Premium ($9.95) 1 member only. Adds value by allowing you to upload medical record documents such as past medical records, and legal documents.
  3. Family Premium ($29.95) Same as Individual Premium except you can have 10 people on this account.
  4. Individual Concierge (59.95) 1 member only.  This is helpful for people who have multiple health complications and doctors. The nice part of these services is that will contact the office of the health professional that you are going to and fill out the forms for you.
  5. Family Concierge is the same as the Individual Concierge except you once again can have a total of 10 family members.

You can see the full details of each package at NoMoreClipboard.

At this point I know what you are thinking! I can’t put my medical records online! What if someone finds them? What if it leaks and the whole world knows what is going on with my family? Yikes!

Take a deep breath and think about back to the HIPAA criteria I had above.  (If you want to know more about HIPAA, follow this link)

I also worry about privacy. If I don’t I can lose my license and go to jail. Websites that house protected health information are held to the HIPAA standards. This site gives you control of your health data at all times. They are not allowed to sell or use your data without your permission. The Privacy statement they have is as follows:

“Our site uses the same type of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) account security used by major retailers and financial institutions. site security is approved by VerisignTM, the dominant certificate authority on the World Wide Web. The only users who will have access to your record are you and the physicians with whom you choose to share your information. will never share any of your personal information without your expressed permission.”

If you are still concerned, you can access “activity logs” of how your information has been accessed. This is a standard practice for storage of medical information that you can request to see when and where you information was used.

Now that we are more comfortable with security, lets look at the things that are not on my list. also allows users to:

  1. Track heath measures such as height, weight, blood glucose, calories, cholesterol, triglycerides and medical contacts.
  2. Manage your health records from a web-enabled smart phone. Including viewing history, send records to your health care provider, uploading digital photographs and entering the health measures as described in number 1 above.
  3. Print out a NMC911 card

Stop Filling Out Medical Forms! Is a Novel Solution for You to Maintain Your Health Records.

The 911 card allows medical personnel to quickly find things that you are allergic to and the medical conditions that you have!  This is great because if you are in an accident and cannot tell the hospital staff what you are allergic or the medications that you are on they could administer a drug that may harm you. did surprise me in many ways! Not only did it meet all of my criteria but also it surpassed all of my expectations. Despite the time it takes to register your family members I think that this site will help many people who have multiple medical complications.

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