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November 14, 2011 • Gear Bits

HP TouchPad Go: The 7″ Tablet I Want … But Will Never Have!

This week you are going to see 95% of the small tablet news focused on the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, but there is another 7″ tablet device that we just got some more pictures of that will never hit the market – the HP TouchPad Go.

There was news of the TouchPad Go in late September, revealing some of the specs:
– 1024 x 768 pixel 7″ 4:3 screen
– 1.5GHz dual-core SnapDragon processor
– 16GB on-board storage
– 1.3MP front-facing camera
– 5MP rear camera

We also heard that the back would be rubberized and matte, rather than the fingerprint-magnet TouchPad.

Now we get a bunch of images of the TouchPad Go from a first hands-on over at PalmJoy. These include the cool ‘family portrait’ from above featuring the TouchPad Go along with the TouchPad, Pre, Pre 3, Pixi, and Veer.

You can drool over a load of pictures on the PalmJoy page … and think of the cool device that might have been!

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