Synthetik Park’s Wall Aquarium Is Eye-Level Gorgeous

Synthetik Park's Wall Aquarium Is Eye-Level Gorgeous

Watch how my thought process goes …

1. We have a Beta fish named Brad; he lives in a goldfish bowl that sits on our credenza, and every chance she gets, our cat Avah likes to drink water from his bowl. She’s not trying to eat Brad, or at least we haven’t seen her try, but she seems to love his fish flavored water. This bothers me, because she has been known to lap his water down to less than half a bowl when we have been away.

2. In order to really see Brad I have to bend down, because the credenza is counter level and not eye level. This means I don’t enjoy his fiery colors nearly as often as I would like to.

Those are two of the arguments I’m using to justify purchasing the Synthetik Park Wall Aquarium. Pretty convincing reasons, right?

I know that it seems kind of silly to spend between $100 and $200 on a new home for a $3 fish, but … these aquariums are wall art, and they will solve all of Brad’s problems!

The wall aquarium is available in two sizes – 30cm and 50cm. We build them by hand from unbreakable acrylic glass. Your wall aquarium stands out not only by design, the sophisticated technology makes your wall aquarium unique.

Synthetik Park's Wall Aquarium Is Eye-Level Gorgeous

Evidently these wall aquariums can filter the water without wires or electricity because Synthetik Park uses a liquid Oxygen process that they have perfected.

Synthetik Park's Wall Aquarium Is Eye-Level Gorgeous

Wall aquariums are available in either  a 30 or 50 cm size; prices are € 79 and € 150 respectively. I’m seriously thinking about the 30cm; I think that Brad will thank me for it. 😉

Synthetik Park Wall Aquariums

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  1. I’d be plenty surprised if that water stayed clean.  Even just one fish poops a lot!  But, if it works well it could be tons of fun.  I wonder how hard it would be to change the water.  There has to be an exchange of air in there somewhere or there will be no O2 for Brad to “breathe” in his water, and air exchange means evaporation.  Do you have to unmount the whole thing to add water? I tried checking their site, but my german is rusty…LOL!

    • I have tons of questions like that, myself! Brad is in an un-aerated goldfish bowl now, so anything that aerated the water at all would be better than his current digs. Their liquid oxygen system purports to do just that — quietly and without electricity. I’ve sent them an email with some questions; it seems like the best way to answer them would be to get one. 😉

      • I’ll be interested to see what they say, and then more importantly,  if it lives up to what they say!  I had to give up fishes with my gaggle of kitties – too much temptation!  They liked watching the fish, but then wanted to attack through the glass – a game the fishies didn’t enjoy nearly as much at the kitties! 

        But the thing would have to be pretty air tight to get it to hang flush to the wall, unless there were an opening on the top in which case removal sounds like it could be hazardous.  But, it seems really cool regardless.  Let us know what they say and if you get one, how it works! 

        • There is an opening in the top that I can see in the pics (for feeding and adding water), but surely there is an easy way to remove it from the wall for cleaning … Hopefully I’ll find out! =)

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