Ultrasabers Transport You into the Star Wars Universe with Realistic LED Lightsabers

Everyone loves Star Wars, and there’s nothing more symbolic of the series than the weapons brandished by the main characters, the light saber. Thanks to Ultrasabers, you can bring home your very own light saber starting at around $150, equipped with bright LED lights, authentic sound effects, and hilt designs that look like they came straight from the silver screen.

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The sabers designed and built by Ultrasabers are made of premium aircraft aluminum to give them heft and durability, have removable and upgradeable pommels, and are equipped with a polycarbonate UltraBlade which beautifully transmits the LED from the hilt all the way up to the tip of the blade. The UltraBlades are also durable, so they can be used for light sparring without fear of breaking the blade.

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Ultrasabers’ top of the line LED driver is the Emerald Driver, which allows you to plug your light saber into a computer via USB and use a program to change the color to almost any color you want. It also allows you to set your light saber to pulse between two colors, or have your lightsaber flash to another color when your blade clashes with another object. Ultrasabers’ top of the line soundboard is the Obsidian soundboard. It allows you to swap between 7 different sound fonts on the go or plug your light saber into a computer via USB and upload new sound fonts to your saber.

When ordering an Ultrasaber, there is no shortage of options to make your light saber your own. Once you have your hilt design chosen, which is no small task, you can move on to select the initial color of your blade, the Emerald Driver configuration, whether you want flash on clash, whether you want pulse mode enabled, your battery configuration, and whether you want a recharge port built into the saber. Additionally, you can choose the type of blade: midgrade or heavy grade for heavier sparring, blade length, whether you want windows in the emitter (I chose windows because it looks cool), your pommel design, the type of sound card you want, the type of saber power switch you want, whether you want an AV Switch channel installed on your saber, and the blade tip type (pointed or rounded). But wait, there are more options: you can choose whether you want a blade retention screw wrench included, whether you want a blade plug included, whether you want a saber stand included, whether you want a mini USB cable included, whether you want a Covertec clip included, and whether you want a Covertec wheel installed.

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Many of the above options will have an effect on the final price of your lightsaber, but what I love about Ultrasabers is the fact that there are so many options, you really feel like you are creating your very own light saber. What’s also impressive about Ultrasabers is despite the number of custom options, they typically ship each custom saber within 1-5 business days.

Ultrasabers was kind enough to send me one of their top of the line light sabers to test and review, the Dark Apprentice LE v4 with Sound (Emerald), which starts at $339.99. Although the Dark Apprentice is smaller than some of the other lightsaber hilts and comes with the 24” blade rather than the standard 32” blade, I was really interested in checking out the Emerald Driver, since it allows you to change the color of the blade depending on your mood.

The Dark Apprentice LE comes in a sleek black anodized finish with contrasting silver rings around the handle and a raised silver power button. The pommel is knurled to give you a grip while screwing it off and there is a choke point near the top of the hilt that helps you perform spinning maneuvers with the light saber. The bottom of the pommel is open, leaving the speaker, although recessed into the hilt, exposed if you were to poke your finger inside.

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When my Ultrasaber was delivered, I was instantly impressed. The hilt feels heavy enough to feel “real” and the LED effect is brilliant through the polycarbonate blade. The sounds created by the Obsidian soundboard and emitted from the speaker at the bottom of the hilt are shockingly loud and really do seem to be matching what you do with the saber. If you swing the saber, it triggers a “whooshing” sound effect to match, if you hit an object with the saber, it triggers a clashing sound effect. Excuse me while I geek out a bit here but … my Ultrasaber is totally cool. It’s the kind of thing that you want to show all of your friends and makes you feel like a kid again.

Changing the color of your blade or enabling pulse mode or flash on clash is pretty easy with the Emerald Driver software available on Ultrasabers’ website. You simply plug the mini USB cable into the Emerald Driver card and the other end into your computer and use the software to choose new colors, change the pulse timing, etc. The software takes some getting used to, but it’s easy to get the hang of it after a few minutes. Check out the software screenshots and photos of some of the different blade colors, below:

Emerald Driver equipped sabers come with two rechargeable AA batteries and a USB charging station, for simple recharging. Unfortunately, however, it’s fairly difficult to get the saber guts out of the bottom of the hilt to take the batteries out or to plug the mini USB into the Emerald or Obsidian drivers. Basically, you have to shake the hilt and bang it against your hand until the speaker, battery compartment, and circuit boards finally come far enough down so you can pull them out. That’s really my only complaint, however.

All in all, I’m incredibly impressed with the craftsmanship of my Ultrasaber. The details put into the design of Ultrasaber products transport you into the Star Wars universe, making you feel like you’re a true Jedi who can defeat battalions of Stormtroopers and even Darth Vader or Kylo Ren.

You can customize and purchase your very own Ultrasaber at Ultrasabers.com.

Source: The Ultrasaber was provided by the manufacturer as a review sample.

What I Like: Beautiful, detail-oriented design; Brilliant LED blade; Perfect sound effects; Great weight and feel; Details like humming sound, flash on clash, and sound effects that mimic your movements really make you feel like it’s a real light saber

What Needs Improvement: Difficult to remove the guts to recharge the battery or plug into the Emerald or Obsidian drivers

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