Adult TV Ads Poke Fun at Adult Movie Tropes!

Adult TV Ads Poke Fun at Adult Movie Tropes!

You don’t even have to be a fan of adult movies to know about some of the clichéd plots – a pizza delivery guy comes to the door, and a beautiful woman answers and the next thing you know … well … Anyway, over at AdWeek they have a look at commercials made for the Canadian Adult station ‘Amour’. The spots cannot (obviously) use X-rated content, but still need to lure customers to check out the station.

Here is the run-down:

Doing ads for adult-television networks—not an easy job. You can’t use the channel’s content, for one thing. Yet Amour, an XXX station in Canada, consistently does amusing work. A couple of years ago, they did a funny series of promos (via Cossette) in which porn actresses attempted to read Shakespeare—with text that clarified, “You won’t watch for the acting.” Now, Amour is back, with a new agency—Dare Vancouver—and another humorous series of ads. This time, the spots (directed by Tim Godsall of OPC/Biscuit Filmworks, with editing by Arcade Edit) start off like porn scenes—but take hilarious left turns at the end, pointing out that real life is quite a bit more mundane than what happens on Amour. “Fantasies happen, but only on Amour adult TV,” says each spot.

The ‘You Won’t Watch for the Acting’ ads were discussed at AdWeek in 2010.

Head to AdWeek for more fun!

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