Barnes & Noble NOOK with Glowlight Breaks into Television

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Barnes & Noble NOOK with Glowlight Breaks into Television Listen to this article
Barnes & Noble NOOK with Glowlight Breaks into Television

Now that it is May, and we are in the Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Graduation season, Barnes and Noble is unleashing a huge ad campaign to promote the NOOK Simple Touch With Glowlight. They’ve put together a cute video that highlights the benefits of being able to read in bed with the lights off, but still have the benefits of an eInk device.

The video is below, and B&N already has spots running in prime time. I know this because I sat down to read Barnes and Noble’s press release and clicked on the YouTube video roughly 2.5 seconds before the commercial appeared live on NBC during “30 Rock”. Hmm…if I didn’t have such a large Kindle collection I’d think it was a sign I should pick up the new NOOK! 😉

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