Nyko Speaker Stand for PlayStation Vita Review

Nyko Speaker Stand for PlayStation Vita Review

The Nyko Speaker Stand makes handy battery charger and peripheral for PlayStation Vita users for great gaming sound plus several other activities including listening music, watching movies, making Skype calls, or even using iPods and similar devices while they rest their hands from marathon gaming sessions.

The Hype

Enjoy movies, music and more with Nyko’s Speaker Stand for the PlayStation Vita. The Speaker Stand adds two, powered speakers to your PS Vita enabling you to fully enjoy all your media and music in crisp stereo sound. The stand conveniently holds the Vita while also recharging the handheld’s battery through the standard Vita AC power adaptor. The line-in functionality provides the ability for playback from other audio devices including most smart phones, MP3 players and more.

The Reality

This Nyko speaker stand consists of two outward-facing speakers, PlayStation Vita plug-in port in front (see A below) with the PlayStation Vita AC adapter cord port (B) and in-line plug port in the back (C).

Special notes: A double-ended headphone jack cord for the in-line plug and PS Vita AC adapter are not included. A previous version included a keychain size remote control, but this reviewer copy did not.

Nyko Speaker Stand for PlayStation Vita Review

The stand’s angled dock/cradle has a nice, natural design with a silver colored base with black accents. Users need the standard PS Vita AC adaptor to plug into the back. The dock is heavy enough to hold the PS Vita securely thanks to the “laid back” design, but users should hold the stand as they plug in cords.

Make sure the AC adapter’s male plug faces up while plugging it into the port. Users can always correct even after plugging it in the wrong way (same situation for plugging in only the PS Vita into the AC adapter cord box).

Nyko Speaker Stand for PlayStation Vita Review

Hardware confirmation through the blue light in the front (bottom center) can avoid any frustrations. If it’s blue, then you’re true. Don’t see blue, then begin anew. Users can even plug in the AC Adapter in the back, then turn on the PS Vita with the volume up before placing it into the front port.

Power the stand ON with the front Nyko button above the blue light. Use the common sense plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to pump up the volume or bring it down low.

The charger works fine (ranging from two to three hours…same as the AC adapter only option) and the sound booms crisp and clear. Not a lot of bass or high volume here, but that would likely blow out these pint sized speakers. Players might have enough room to play games with the PS Vita on the stand, but it is not recommended. Designers allow full access to the front as well as enough room around the edges for tapping the backpad.

The PS Vita touch screen capabilities is the ideal interface once on the stand, especially for non-gaming activities include listening to music, watching movies, making Skype calls, and other PS Vita app/feature related activities, which will include future additions of YouTube and the live streaming capability from the current niconico PS Vita app. The line-in jack on the speaker stand lets players use their iPod or other devices as well.

A dry cloth works fine for cleaning and comes recommended. The Nyko Speaker Stand for PlayStation Vita is ideal companion for small spaces, traveling, and many mobile situations. If a stationary PS Vita does not suit you, then you can also grab Nyko’s Power Grip for the PlayStation Vita.

Review: Nyko Speaker Stand for PlayStation Vita

Where to Buy: Amazon.com and other stores

Price: $29.99 (SRP)

What I Like:  great price/value, lightweight, non-gaming capabilities based on Vita apps/features (with more to come), practical design, line-in jack

What Needs Improvement: louder sound, more bass, an included remote and double-ended headphone jack cord would have been nice

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    Nyko has been good in making gaming peripherals. I can still remember that one they made for the Nintendo 3DS. On topic. Since I don’t have a PS Vita, I was surprised to find out through this article that Skpe is still there.

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