Thermacell All-Purpose Swivel Light Review: Adds Light to Their Mosquito Control

A must-have for all hunters, especially in the south is a Thermacell Mosquito repellent appliance. In fact, I actually cannot even hunt without one during the spring turkey season or the early bow-only deer season here in Texas. Our mosquitos can practically carry a man during those months. Read my review on the Thermacell appliance here I wrote during turkey season.

On top of dealing with mosquitos during hunting season, there is also the issue of darkness. I prefer early morning hunts and always get to the farm well before the sun rises. Hiking with all of my gear to the blind is a nerve-wracking, yet invigorating experience. I always leave my truck at the gate and walk the half-mile or so carrying everything I will need for the day.

It is key to slip in undetected, so I rarely use a flashlight. Usually, the moonlight is just enough to be able to follow the truck path to the blind but everything else is hidden in darkness. The thought of a bobcat or mountain lion being feet away is often on my mind so when I reach my destination, my adrenaline is pumping. Carrying a flashlight is not easy since I am packed with gear and a regular white light will spook any animals bedded down in the area.

A green or red light is best if one has to be used; they seem to not disturb the animals and also allow human eyes to stay adjusted to the dark. Thermacell has a product that will help this crazy trek on hunting mornings. Let’s take a look at the All-Purpose Swivel Light.

Thermacell All-Purpose Swivel Light Review: Adds Light to Their Mosquito Control

All-Purpose Swivel Light

Clip the All-Purpose Swivel Light to Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Appliances, or use the simple adaptor to create LED clip on lights or clip on hat lights. Light emits either green or white beams, one color at a time.

  • Unit attaches to any full-size ThermaCcell Mosquito Repellent Appliance, any hat or belt, and most outdoor gear, for use as LED clip lights
  • 15-foot beam
  • Swivels to easily direct light
  • Provides green or white light; (has 4 green LEDs, and 4 white LEDs)
  • Runs up to 30 hours on 2 CR-2032 lithium batteries (included)
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used with Mosquito Repellent Appliance or independently
  • Convenient for hunting, fishing, camping, and backyard
  • Includes light, clip attachment, and two CR-2032 lithium batteries

Thermacell All-Purpose Swivel Light Review: Adds Light to Their Mosquito Control

As I stated earlier, carrying a flashlight is not always a convenient option when hiking into a hunting area. The Thermacell Swivel Light looks to accommodate this issue by conveniently attaching to many devices. The unit easily clips to the Thermacell appliance extending it to not only keep a hunt or camping experience mosquito-free but also bring a viable light source.

I found the light easy to attach to the appliance and while it extends the overall length a bit, the difference did not impede my use or transport any. The ability to clip my Thermacell to my belt or backpack and include the dual light means carrying one less loose item and also keeps the light handy to use at any time.

Thermacell All-Purpose Swivel Light Review: Adds Light to Their Mosquito Control

Attaching the light to a cap or belt is also super easy. The swivel option allows the light to be pointed exactly as needed and helps with hands-free usage. During early bow season, I will start my Thermacell upon reaching the farm, but will probably attach the light to my cap and use the green light if I need it during my trip into the brush.

The light comes with a clip installed that allows it to be attached to a belt or bill of a cap. To attach to the Thermacell appliance, simply pull the clip off and slide the remaining tab between the top grate and body. The light slides in and out with ease but will hold tight. To make the unit smaller, swivel the light backward and flat against the top.

Thermacell All-Purpose Swivel Light Review: Adds Light to Their Mosquito Control

There are dual light modes triggered by a slide switch on the side of the unit. Four green LED lights are turned on by flipping the switch upward. Downward turns on four white LED lights. I like the brightness of both lights, but love having the option of colors. It is said that animals do not react to the green lights, so this can be perfect while sneaking into the country then using the white light in the comfort of my blind to get set up.

Thermacell All-Purpose Swivel Light Review: Adds Light to Their Mosquito Control

While I will primarily use my Thermacell All-Purpose Swivel Light for hunting trips, the light is perfect in any situation that benefits being hands-free. If you do not have a Thermacell appliance, simply attach the light to a cap or belt. If you do have a Thermacell, the product is a must-have. Use it while hunting, camping, or just hanging outdoors. The green light will be beneficial to hunters but can also help anyone not wanting their eyes to over-react to the white light. If you need a light for any situation, check out the All-Purpose Swivel Light from Thermacell. You cannot go wrong!

The Thermacell All-Purpose Swivel Light sells for $10.99; it is available directly from the manufacturer. 

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: The light easily attaches to my Thermacell appliance and is also usable on a cap or belt

What Needs Improvement: Probably the only thing is adding red lights as a third option

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