Amazon’s New Kindles, a Video Gear Chat

Amazon's New Kindles, a Video Gear Chat

Now that Amazon’s new Kindle announcements have had a few days to settle in, there’s a lot to consider for the future. Will the Kindle go from cheaper and cheaper to free? Will the iPad mini exist and unseat the Kindle Fire? And how will Barnes and Noble respond?

Dan and I had a long chat today, and we covered all of the above and more! Check it out below, and then let us know in the comments if you agree, disagree, or if you have your own predictions for the future of eBook readers!


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Carly Z
Carly has been a gadget fiend for a long time, going back to her first PDA (a Palm M100). She quickly went from researching what PDA to buy to following tech news closely and keeping up with the latest and greatest stuff. She loves writing about ebooks because they combine her two favorite activities; reading anything and everything, and talking about fun new tech toys. What could be better?
  • Great chat!

    Similar feelings here – I was half way through pre-ordering the Fire HD and PaperWhite and stopped, as I don’t use the Fire enough to push the capabilities, and absolutely adore my non-backlit Kindle 4 (the now $70 one). Why do I need a new one?

    As for Apple, I think it will be interesting to see, but I also predict no iPad Mini this week.

  • ucfgrad93

    I think Apple will announce the iPad mini tomorrow along with the iPhone 5. Amazon’s 7″ Fire HD is a pretty impressive device and if Apple waits another month or so to announce it, they will lose significant sales to Amazon.