Borderlands 2 Video Review

Borderlands 2 Video Review

Type of app: First Person Shooter
Platform/where to buy: PC; available at Steam
Developer: Gearbox Software / 2K Games

Borderlands 2 is a hybrid First-Person Shooter, RPG game focused on over-the-top co-op play, and set in the open-world game environment of the planet Pandora. The second game in the game series, Borderlands 2 raises the ‘loot and shoot’ action of the original game with an even larger and more detailed world to explore, an updated gun system, a new cast of characters and character classes, and integration of storyline with action.

Borderlands 2 Video Review

Major features: I reviewed the original Borderlands here, basically saying that it was over-the-top fun … so long as you didn’t pay too much attention to the pseudo-RPG bits. For most people (particularly on consoles), what Borderlands delivered was just what they wanted. While the developers still tout the RPG-lite elements, now they are more concerned about the integration of EVERYTHING – story, RPG-lite elements, shooter mechanics, the gun and item modification system, and making everything bigger than before!

And in general they have succeeded in every way. I complained before about how everything interesting happened in the first few hours of the original game; now you will encounter cool stuff throughout. Whereas before the weapon systems, item systems, and skill trees seemed like they were each designed by different teams; now they are all coordinated. Whereas before you had bazillions of weapon options; well, that is the same, only BIGGER.

I do not claim to be close to DONE with Borderlands 2 – I have played several hours with all four characters, but the breadth of experience will have me playing into the New Year! But everything I have seen in these couple of dozen hours shows me the great improvements that Gearbox has made to an already-successful formula. To me that is great – where so many franchises seem content to churn out nearly identical clones until gamers (or viewers, for that matter) abandon the franchise, Gearbox has a game that is better in every way than the original, shows they have listened without pandering, and is a great PC shooter that everyone should check out.

Ease of use/Overall performance: One of my biggest complaints was that the original Borderlands was a sloppy PC port – so I was THRILLED that the sequel plays perfectly on the PC. I jumped right in and found the mechanics worked right without having to tweak sensitivities or settings at all.

Would use again/recommend?: Absolutely! Borderlands still falls on the ‘mindless’ side of shooters, but WOW is it fun. Hour after hour just fall away as you slog through Pandora.

Suggested changes/wish list for updates: Nothing!

Price: $59.99

Here is the hands-on gameplay review:


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28 Comments on "Borderlands 2 Video Review"

  1. Who can argue with the BFG9000 from the original Doom?

  2. The laser gun from James bond golden eye, with in finite ammo was so fun

  3. Gotta be a grenade launcher, for the pure mayhem it causes! 😀

    Hope I win!

  4. I’m going to go with the Mysterious Magnum from Fallout: New Vegas! The tune it plays when you have it drawn is just so awesome!

  5. I have to agree with Gary, definitely the Big F**king Gun

  6. My favorite is also the BFG-9000 from the original Doom.

  7. The halo 1 magnum. nostalgia :’)

  8. I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned HL2’s Gravity Gun yet, especially the souped-up version. Use a a large TV screen as a shield and then as a bone-crushing projectile? Don’t mind if I do!

  9. The Redeemer from Unreal Tournament!

  10. The Shark Gun from Armed and Dangerous was really killer!


  11. I have to say the F.E.A.R. Nail gun. Might be my sadistic nature but nailing soldiers to the wall so they hang is one of the most satisfying feelings for me in gaming.

  12. ArmSmasher420 | September 25, 2012 at 3:08 am |

    I’d have to say my favorite gun, in any video game that has it, is the shotgun. Even though it usually has bad ammo and shitty reload times, it’s generally the most fun weapon to use. Especially in the first Borderlands, I found myself switching to a shotgun often, no matter what my class was.

  13. Not sure if you ever played Soldier of Fortune II (PC, 2002), but the shotgun in that game was a definite fave – totally overpowered, ultimate dismemberment one-hit killer! There is one level in a mansion where the areas are tight and the shotgun is just perfect …

  14. You are a sick and twisted individual … and I agree, love it!

  15. Well that is an easy one, a shotgun. To be specific, the Stakeout in Black Ops. Aiming down the sights allows for longer range, and seems to also have extra damage.

  16. Mihály Séra | September 25, 2012 at 3:54 pm |

    I love shotgun the most! Hope I’m commenting to the right place, thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I’d have to say one of my favorite FPS guns is probably a little obscure, came from a PC game called Redline. You only had a single rifle, but the 1-0 keys transformed it into every weapon you’d eventually earn: rifle, shotgun, grenade and rocket launcher, etc. The twisty transformations it’d do were pretty neat for the time.

  18. The pulse rifle from half life 2 – the sound and reloading animation were awesome!

  19. I love flamethrower in TF2 😀

  20. I live those guns from HL

  21. I have to go with the F.E.A.R. Nail Gun. Nothing satisfies my manhunt frenzy like nailing enemies to the wall/sealing/lamppost/table and just letting them hang there. I feel like a really dark version of Robin Hood, and the sound of the pressure in the gun and metal spike ejecting. Priceless!

  22. i like the ray-gun in black ops , yea i know it’s false weapon but it’s really cool & for the multiplayer i prefer the assault weapons

  23. I like the ray-gun weapon in black ops , yea i know it’s fake but it’s so cool & for the multiplayer matches i prefer the assault weapons

  24. My favorite fps gun would have to be the mp5 in CS 1.5 it was always so satisfying to win with that against people using assault rifles and snipers.

  25. always loved the SC Pistol when I played Splinter Cell, simple, silent, deadly. Other silenced pistols are pretty much the same, but splinter cell is such an amazing game that I don’t care to mention the others.

  26. Mega Man Blaster Arm cannon.

  27. I dig the Flare Gun in TF2!

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