FS-PRO Camera Sling Strap with F-1 Foldable Mounting Plate Review

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We reviewed the Carry Speed DS-Slim Camera Sling Strap with D-1 Wide Platform Ballhead back in September. (Read the review.) I was impressed with the system. It was a HUGE improvement over the strap Canon included with my T3i.

Still, I didn’t love the fact that, like so many other camera straps that attach to the bottom of a DSLR, it took over the tripod mount. That meant the connector needed to be removed whenever I wanted to mount the camera on a tripod, and while that wasn’t a deal-breaker it was an annoyance.

Thankfully there was an easy solution. It comes in the form of the Carry Speed FS-Pro Camera Sling and F-1 Folding Mount. Here’s our video look followed by some images and details from the Carry Speed website.

I really love this camera strap and mounting plate combination. The mounting plate adds a huge amount of flexibility without adding too much weight and with no loss of functionality in other areas. The strap is comfortable, convenient and delivers the functionality the company promises. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

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From Carry Speed:

The new FS-Pro Camera Sling Strap features an all grip, non-slip, and detachable Ultra Wide neoprene shoulder pad which is a stretchy material that absorbs the weight of the camera. The FS-Pro has an all metal front quick adjustment and 3-button snap buckle. The strap also comes with the newly designed F-1 Mounting Plate with Arca Swiss quick release ready and a free Uni-Strap/Hand Strap.

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The F-1 mounting plate is a big deal! As the company explains,

The new Carry Speed F1 Folding Mounting Plate provides additional functionality to your Carry Speed strap system by allowing the Ball Head to fold flat when the camera is stored away in a bag or rested on a flat surface. The F1 also incorporates an Arca Swiss ready design to attach to standard Arca Swiss Tripod mounts without the need of a separate quick release plate.

The Carry Speed F1 Folding Mounting Plate works seamlessly to still provide all the same benefits of our unique Carry Speed Ball Head connector, offset hanging design for perfect alignment, and several threaded ports for use with tripod mounting plates.

It has an MSRP of $29.99 and is worth every penny! Learn more and order yours here.

FS-PRO Camera Sling Strap with F-1 Foldable Mounting Plate Review

I love the fact that the F-1 mounting plate need never be removed.

Once in place it works with the FS-Pro sling strap but it also permits you to fold down the attachment point and then also attach a tripod at one of six different points.

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Then there is the Arca Swiss Quick Release-ready aspect of the F-1. I purchased an Arca tripod mount from Amazon; I love being able to slide the camera onto the tripod when I need to use it and then, within 2 seconds, remove it and go handheld. It is a fantastic and convenient design.

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The FS-Pro shipped with a wide strap that is impressively comfortable.

Ultra comfortable neoprene shoulder pad, Stretchy material, absorbs the weight of camera, Non slip, all grip shoulder pad

I have actually swapped the shoulder strap from the FS-Pro with the one from the DS-Slim, simply because this shoulder strap is actually too much strap for me. My camera is heavy, but not terribly so, and the thinner strap works just fine for me. And that’s one of the other nice things about this system — all the pieces are modular and can be swapped around to create the right carrying solution for your particular needs.

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It is also worth noting the 3-Button quick release snap buckle. As I point out in the video, it provides an additional layer of protection and security. Every buckle should include this design!

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Finally there is the included Uni-Strap and Hand Strap. These are necessary but they can be helpful if you are either going “handheld” for an extended period of time or are using a long, heavy telephoto lens.

In all, the FS-Pro Camera Sling Strap from Carry Speed is close to exactly what I was looking for when I went in search of a replacement for the (terrible) strap Canon included with my T3i. The Mounting plate adds functionality and never needs to be removed. The support for the Arca mounting system was a pleasant surprise, and the should strap system is brilliant. I’m headed to Cuba in a week, and this is the strap system I’ll be taking. I’ll report back after the trip!

You can learn more about Carry Speed’s entire lineup and order yours here on the Carry Speed website.

MSRP: $79.99 but currently just $69.99

What I Like: F-1 Foldable Mounting Plate is amazingly convenient; Strap is comfortable; Modular design offers terrific flexibility and “future-proofing”; Included hand strap will come in… handy.

What Needs Improvement: I wish they included the Arca tripod mount with the system

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