Samsung’s New Security Cameras Monitor Your Home and Baby

If you’ve been looking for a way to monitor your homes, properties, children and pets straight from your fingertips, Samsung Techwin America has new connected security cameras you’ll definitely want to check out.

Samsung's New Security Cameras Monitor Your Home and Baby

Samsung BabyVIEW Monitor

Let’s start with Samsung’s new BabyVIEW security cameras …

The BabyVIEW will offer 720p HD camera with remote 300° panning and 110° tilt capability to help parents and caretakers comprehensively monitor children’s movements easier than ever.

It will be available in the following three models:

  • BabyVIEW SEW-3053W – Includes the camera and a touchscreen monitor to keep caretakers abreast of a baby’s stirring at home.
  • BabyVIEW SEW-3055W – Comes with the camera, touchscreen monitor and a Bluetooth watch with vibration alerts to notify users of sounds in the monitored room. With the Bluetooth watch, parents and caretakers will have the flexibility to multitask and complete household chores while simultaneously tracking their little ones.
  • BabyVIEW SEW-3057W – Contains the camera, monitor, Bluetooth watch and an environmental sensor that allows users to assess a room’s temperature, humidity, and air quality to ensure that toddlers are staying in a safe and healthy environment.

Next up is the Samsung Wisenet-SmartCam A1 Home Security System, with security cameras that “cover indoor and outdoor monitoring needs in one monitoring kit and easily blends into the décor of users’ homes.”

Samsung's New Security Cameras Monitor Your Home and Baby

This system uses an indoor camera that has 1080p HD resolution that can pan 350º with a 130º wide angle lens; it has “an outdoor battery-powered camera that delivers 720p HD resolution.”

The indoor panning station has a “detachable camera detects activities, monitors selected zones and when it’s mounted on the station, it automatically tracks moving objects within the designated areas in every video frame. Together, these features help users efficiently secure their homes without overwhelming them with multiple alerts.”

Pricing and availability on these security cameras are not yet known, but I will update this post when the information comes in.




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