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November 2, 2012 • Editorials

Google Election Tool Helps You Map Out Your Voting Plans

In case you haven’t visited Facebook lately, Election Day is fast approaching, and things are getting increasingly bitter and partisan (and less truthful if what I am seeing is any indication). The reason for this is pretty clear: people feel this election is incredibly important for any number of reasons.

And it is – in fact they ALL are. We focus on the huge national election, and yet things like the quality of your local schools are much more impacted by the choices of your state and local government. So a while ago as my wife and I were discussing the upcoming election we were wondering who else was on the ballot. We starting seeing lawn signs with names we didn’t know, and checked out the local website … and unlike our old address that I used in the image at the top, here in western NY most of the races are unopposed, and we only learned about opposition in another one due to a really nasty series of mailers from the incumbent.

Fortunately Google has made it easy: just hit up Google’s Election tool, enter your address info, and check out the various races that apply to you – and see your polling place in case you have moved or it has changed.

So regardless of your affiliation, make sure you get out and vote. Or, if available in your area, vote early to be sure your voice is heard. Because come next January 21st someone WILL be your president, and while it is distinctly possible (and at least 45% probable) that it will be the person you voted against … at least if you vote you have made your voice heard. And if enough of us do that, we can shape the country in any way we choose. But regardless … VOTE on next Tuesday, November 6th!

Head to Google’s Election tool and check out the races in YOUR area!

Source: Engadget

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