Wilson Electronics’ New Sleek 4G Signal Booster Will Keep Your Connection Solid

Sleek 4G - iPhone 5

If you are on the road a lot, then you know all about what it’s like to have your cellular signal act in a less than reliable manner. Watching your 4G/LTE signal drop down to zilch, then slide over to EDGE, 3G and then ultimately climb back to 4G — depending upon where you area, even though the areas are shown to have 4G coverage — is just part of using a mobile phone these days. . The same thing can happen when you are in a car, truck, boat, or any other moving vehicle.

One way to combat this is to keep your phone in a signal boosting cradle, and that’s where Wilson Electronics and their newest Sleek 4G Signal Booster comes in.

You may recall that Wilson Electronics, a leader in the wireless communications industry for more than 40 years, sells the booster system (the AG Pro 75)  that makes it possible for Kevin and me to get a decent signal inside our metal-roofed rural home. What you might not know is that “Wilson boosters fully comply with FCC regulations for cellular devices and are FCC type accepted and Industry Canada certificated.”

Their new Sleek 4G is made for in-vehicle use, and it will boost the cellular signal of “customers whose devices operate on all U.S. carrier 4G networks (except WiMAX). The Sleek 4G also will also amplify pre-existing signals, which includes all major carriers and their legacy voice and data services. This allows the user to enjoy a strong, reliable signal even where 4G services are unavailable.”

The biggest benefits to using a booster like this are fewer dropped connections and no-service “dead zones.” You’ll also get faster data transfer rates and improved battery life from your wireless devices.

The Sleek 4G won’t take up a lot of room inside your vehicle; it measures a compact 2.5″ x4.5″ x 2.5″, and it weighs just three ounces. The Sleek 4G is sold as a plug-and-play kit, and it is “now available from Wilson retailers with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $199.95 [final price subject to change]. No tools are required for installation, and most any consumer can install the Sleek 4G in his or her vehicle in a matter of minutes.”

Are you intrigued? You can learn more about Wilson Electronics and their boosters — including the 4G Sleek — by checking out their website. We’ll have a review of the Sleek 4G soon.

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