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January 8, 2013 • Events

MiPow Boom and Boom Mini Make an Appearance at Digital Experience

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On Sunday we met with Brian Holmes of MiPow. In our post we referenced a number of products he told us about that were not yet formally announced. Now they have been and we had a chance to see them up close and personal last night.

2013 01 08 00 34 50

In addition to their external power supplies and Bluetooth headset line the company is also offering the Boom and Boom mini Bluetooth 4.0 speakers.

2013 01 08 00 33 12

The Boom Portable Bluetooth Speaker has two proprietary acoustic drivers and passive bass radiator, dual noise-canceling microphones, Bluetooth V4.0, A2DP and AVRCP technologies, and up to 10 hours of continuous play (depending on volume levels).

The Boom Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker leverages the same design language and core technologies as the Boom; it has a lanyard instead of a handle and a single driver, “enabling users to wear the product for mobile music enjoyment.”

2013 01 08 00 33 41 2
What most surprised is, other than the fact that even in the loud crowded hall the speakers actually sounded good was just how small they are. We saw the Boom and, quite frankly, I thought it was the smaller of the two. It was, as you might figure, the larger Boom.

2013 01 08 00 35 10

Yes, the Boom Mini lives up to its name. It is small. It too, however, offers good sound even in the most challenging of environments. Add on nice little features like a lanyard and you have a great speaker you can keep with you all the time.

And if you were wondering… The battery life is truly impressive. We’ll have full specs when we do full reviews in the near future.

2013 01 08 00 35 23 1

You can check out all of MiPow’s offerings here on the company website.

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