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moviepass android app

Movie fans get their own golden reward as the Academy Awards (a.k.a. Oscars) quickly approach. A special service called MoviePass has expanded to Android mobile device users. This theatrical movie subscription service, which began as an iOS app, offers unlimited tickets at nationwide movie theaters (2D shows only) beginning at $30 a month.

The MoviePass Android app is free and represents part of the MoviePass membership. There are no blackout dates for theater viewings. The single monthly MoviePass membership price ranges from $29.99 to $34.99 depending on location.

You may not be able to try this service before the Oscars though. Participants must use a physical MoviePass credit card sent to them by mail after signing up for the service online. At the theater, participants use the app to choose the desired movie then use the card to buy the ticket within 30 minutes from using the app. Seats are reserved/confirmed after purchase.

Access for more information. Currently this site offers an early invitation for MoviePass beta access to MoviePass. This website usually responds in a few days and advertises quicker responses when inviting at least three additional people. Be sure you want this service before signing up because cancellation fees can range from $20 (10 or 11 months after sign-up) to $75 (two or three months after sign-up).

Members also get exclusive access to a rewards points system good for movies, concession discounts, movies, and other items. Other incentives include member only screenings, events, and premieres. Social media plays a big role as well with special invites available for friends, review and grading options for each movie and updated movie news feeds. Members can always access detailed information about each movie.

Purchasing items related to the movie seen in the theater is easier with member options to purchase the movie’s soundtrack and the home video version of the movie as well.

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