SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone is Ready for Any Disaster

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I sure wish I had had the SpareOnePLUS after SuperStorm Sandy took out most of the power in my area last fall. Sure, Elana and I had charged up all of the eternal batteries we had on hand and immediately went into “smartphone power conservation mode”, but the SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone would have made our smartphone-worries disappear. Judie got her hands on one last night during an event at Mobile World Congress. Let’s take a closer look.

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SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone gets its power from a single AA battery. So long as it is in range of a GSM cell tower even if the SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone doesn’t have a SIM card installed it will still let you make an emergency call. In fact, the single press of a button the phone can connect to emergency services and you can be geo-located. There’s much more to this safety device. It comes with a waterproof bag that floats and is also submersible. Moreover, you can talk through the bag. And the phone’s “extreme weather operating range” of -22F to 140F far exceeds all other smartphones.

SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone

SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone

The SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone gets up to ten hours of talk time on a single battery and it keeps its charge for up to 15 years. After all, what good is an emergency phone if it doesn’t have any juice?

SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone

We have already noted the fact that the SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone offers one-touch connection to emergency services. It is not, however, just an emergency phone. You can pre-program up to nine different phone numbers and the auto text reply feature will let anyone trying to text you know that you are unable to read text messages but can be reached by phone.

SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone

The SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone has one final trick up its sleeve. Since this is first and foremost a phone for emergencies the handset includes an LED Torchlight that provides up to a full day of continuous light o a single battery. (during our post-Sandy experience we could have used that too!)

SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone

The SpareOnePLUS Emergency Mobile Phone is just $99.99 and is available now. You can find more details and order yours on the product page.

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