OlloClip Quick-Flip Case for the iPhone Review – Put a Photo Studio in Your Pocket

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The OlloClip Quick-Flip Case for the iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod touch is THE case for the iOS photographer. It not only lets you quickly and easily use OlloClip lens adapters, but it lets you mount your device on a tripod and mount a light or microphone on your iOS device. MSRP is $49.99; get it here.

OlloClip describes their Quick-Flip Case as being

More than a sleek attractive case for the iPhone, the new Quick-flip turns your iPhone into a mobile photo studio.

Having used the case with both my iPhone 5 and my iPod touch I have to agree. And while it is designed for use with one of OlloClips lens accessories, the inclusion of the Pro-Photo Adapter makes it a case that anyone who uses a tripod or monopod with their iOS device, or who wants to mount a microphone or light on the device while shooting video will love. In other words, it is awesome in a wide range of situations whether or not you use the OlloClip.

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The Quick-Flip case is designed for use with both the iPhone 5 and the 5th generation iPod touch while there is a separate case that works with the iPhone 4S/4. The case itself is made of thin plastic that protects the sides, back and corners of the iPhone or iPod quite well. From the front it is difficult to see the case on my iPod touch. That is, in part, because the case sits flush with the screen and offers little to no lay-on-the-table protection.

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Flipping the case over reveals a few significant aspects of the Quick-Flip case.

If you look closely, you will see a darker area in the center of the case. This is the included adapter for use with the 5th generation iPod touch. OlloClip understood that the current generation iPod touch actually makes for a decent camera. Apple was well aware of that, and it is why they put a loop wrist strap attachment point into the device along with the 5MP camera. I love the fact that one case works with, and protects, either an iPhone or an iPod touch.

If you look at the upper left portion of the case, you will notice that it is thicker than the rest of the case. This is the Quick-Flip section of the product.

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The Quick-Flip corner rotates and leaves the camera corner of the iPhone or iPod touch exposed. This, in turn, lets you attach an Olloclip lens. That, however, is just part of what the Quick-Flip corner does.

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Once it is flipped around, the edge rests on the volume button and becomes a dedicated shutter release. This works with both the iPhone and the iPod and makes it easier to hold the device steady while you shoot; I love not having to use the onscreen shutter release.

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Here’s how it looks from the front. The upper area shows the Quick-Flip corner flipped around and being used as the dedicated shutter release. The lower corner of the iPod shows the OlloClip iPod adapter that comes with OlloClip lens accessories. This is necessary since the iPod touch is thinner than the iPod.

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Here’s a look at the same arrangement from the back.

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The company ships the OlloClip Quick-Flip case with one of their removable Pro-Photo Adapters. This lets you quickly and securely mount your device to a tripod or other photographic accessories; the Pro-Photo Adapter slides onto the case and stays securely in place until you pull it off.

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The Cold Shoe Mount on the top ships with an insert that will keep the thin “wings” that hold additional accessories from snapping off.

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When the insert is removed, you are able to slip a video lights or microphone into place.

On the opposite side you’ll find the Tripod Mount. This is sized to work with any standard threaded mount-points and make it easy to mount your device to a tripod or monopod. In this case I’ve attached a magnetic tripod clamp. We’ll be reviewing that in a future post.

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It all works together to create a video rig that works surprisingly well. And while it is unfortunate that you’ll have to choose between either mounting and microphone OR a light, the fact that you can add one or the other is a huge benefit and makes shooting good video with an iOS device a reality.

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If you use an OlloClip with you iPhone or iPod touch, then you will love the OlloClip Quick-Flip case. It lets you use the multi-function lenses while still keeping your iOS device safe and protected. As much as I like the Quick-Flip function of this case, the real winner for me is the Pro-Photo Adapter. The ability to snap my iOS device into the adapter and mount it on a tripod and a microphone on it provides a level of convenience that has the potential to truly transform shooting video with an iPhone or iPod touch. The complete package makes it worth the $49.99 price tag. That’s especially the case since the Quick-Flip Case is actually a decent case in its own right. Check it out here.

MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: Good case on its own; Works with iPhone 5 or iPod touch; Corner flips to allow use with an OlloClip lens; Flipped corner becomes a dedicated shutter button; Pro-Photo Adapter is awesome

What Needs Improvement: You can easily lose the Pro-Photo Adapter (I did shortly after the review sample and had to buy another case for review and because I really like this system)

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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