STM Catch for the iPhone 5/5S – an iPhone Case That Can Replace Your Wallet


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STM Catch for the iPhone 5/5S - an iPhone Case That Can Replace Your Wallet Listen to this article

STM Catch for iPhone 5S

We’ve seen a number of attempts to create an iPhone case that can double as a wallet. Each sought to move iPhone-users one more step toward complete convergence. The $34.99 Catch from STM is their attempt to create an iPhone 5/5S case that can replace your wallet. Check out our video and decide if it is right for you.


As you can see, the Catch is a bit less refined than other wallet-case combinations. At the same time its simplicity makes it a case you can easily use with or without cards. Carrying your wallet in your gear bag? Just use the Catch as an iPhone case. Looking to travel as light and unencumbered as possible? Put your ID, a credit case and some cash in the Catch and just take your phone with you. There is a lot to be said for that kind of flexibility!

Here’s what STM has to say about their creation:

Protect and carry your iPhone 5 or 5s along with a credit card and ID. The catch is the perfect solution for the one-item day. The ultra slim design keeps a couple of cards and a bit of currency in hand. Perfect for a room key, ID, credit card or some folded cash. At only 30 grams the catch is a super light weight solution to leave the wallet or purse at home. And wait! There’s more. Included with your catch is a full screen protection kit with 2 front screen protectors and one for the back. Super strong and clearly a good idea to protect your screen from scratches and dings. What a catch!

STM Catch for iPhone 5S

At a time when companies are cutting corners by reducing the number of “extras” included with cases STM has gone in the other direction. Not only do you get the case for under $35 but you also get two screen protectors and a back protection kit! That’s pretty nice and adds to the value of this case.


  • Convenient slots for cards, ID or some cash with an ultra slim profile
  • Full front bezel rim provides tabletop protection
  • Dual layer construction for durability and protection – soft touch TPU against your phone with hard shell outer reinforcement
  • Covered and protected volume and on/off buttons
  • Includes STM protection kit (2 x front screen protectors, 1 x back protector, cleaning cloth & applicator card)
  • Designed to fit both iPhone 5 and 5s

STM Catch for iPhone 5S

As you can see the Catch catches a card or two per slot with ease. You will, however, want to use the included back protection kit with is since the edge of the case does come into contact with the iPhone when you are putting it in. That might not be an issue with plastic cards but considering two of my current credit cards are made from metal it is something worth noting.

STM Catch for iPhone 5S

The bottom of the case looks like many cases we have reviewed. There is a cover over the speaker and another over the microphone. The Lightning connector and 3.5mm headphones jacks are well-protected but fully accessible. I especially appreciate the way the corners are protected.

STM Catch for iPhone 5S

As a simple case the Catch works well. The mute toggle is recessed but is fully accessible. The volume buttons are covered but still work quite well. This picture, however, also shows the aspect of the Catch that may be the make-or-break aspect of it. On the one hand you can see how the cards look when they are held by the case. It works! On the other hand you can see the way the card… even just one… angles away from the case. It doesn’t offer the cleanest of lines.

STM Catch for iPhone 5S

You get an even better sense of the way the cards angle out in this shot.

There is one other aspect of the Catch that is worth noting. STM, now offers RewardTag to protect your gear in case of loss. Best of all, they included a RewardTag sticker with the Catch! Learn more about RewardTag here.

STM Catch for iPhone 5S

The STM Catch is a mixed back in my opinion. It is not the most elegant implementation of “case-that-doubles-as-a-wallet” but it is more than functional. It offers a decent amount of protection and, thanks to the included “extras”, is a good value. If you plan on using the case as a wallet full-time I might suggest looking elsewhere. If, however, you just want the case to double as a wallet now and then this may be a terrific option for you. Check it out on the STM website and then click Get Them! to order through our Amazon Affiliate Store.

Screenshot 2013-10-30 10.36.45

Screenshot 2013-10-30 10.35.50



MSRP: $34.99

What I Like: For under $35 you get the case, two screen protectors and back protection; Lets you carry a few cards and some cash along with your iPhone; Case offers decent protection

What Needs Improvement: As you place cards into the case the edge comes in direct contact with your iPhone

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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