Element Case Releases the Ronin FE for the iPhone 5

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This is easily the most beautiful iPhone 5 case I’ve seen, and you know how I have a softness for wood. Element Case has just released their new limited edition Ronin, which uses a combination of aluminum and Zircote wood. They’ve based the design on the “clean lines of the “Katana,” or Samurai sword. The Ronin 5 sets new heights in iPhone case technology and style with never before seen details like proprietary micro machined volume/mute mechanism, and near impossible CNC machined details in exotic wood.”

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If you’ve never heard of Zircote wood, you’re not alone; I hadn’t, either. Zircote is a rare and exotic wood from Belize that Element Case has ethically sourced and fully certified.

The lightweight aluminum components of the FE are hand polished, and then nickel plated for a smooth warm luster that won’t tarnish. We had one goal in mind when designing the Ronin for iPhone 5. to provide a case where the most important function of all is style.

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The special Ronin First Edition is made in the USA; it comes with two removable protective back plates (Genuine leather and plush Ultrasuede™), it includes a soft leather grain protective wallet and a screen protector, and it  is available now for a limited time and in limited quantities. The Ronin FE retails for $199.95.

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Element Case Ronin FE


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