BlitzWolf’s Accessories Are a Great Addition to Your Gadget Bag

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BlitzWolf’s Accessories Are a Great Addition to Your Gadget Bag Listen to this article

With Spring right around the corner, chances are you’ll be doing a lot of traveling and taking plenty of photos. If you’re in the market for a few new gadgets you should check out a few by BlitzWolf.

BlitzWolf’s Accessories Are a Great Addition to Your Gadget Bag

I’ll be completely transparent, before checking Amazon for affordable lightning cables for my iPhone X, I had no clue about BlitzWolf at all. But after doing a bit of research I came to find out that plenty of customers stand by them, and speak volumes about their durability over Apple’s branded products. So as a MacBook Pro user, I wanted a USB-C to USB-C cable that would not only be small enough to toss in a bag with my HyperJuice 5-in-1 charger but actually charge my laptop without a short. Then all of BlitzWolf products hit my doorstep.

BlitzWolf’s Accessories Are a Great Addition to Your Gadget Bag

I received the BlitzWolf 3-foot USB-C sync & Quick Charge cable, the 6 foot Lightning sync and quick charge cable, and the BS3 Sports Bluetooth selfie stick, all with self-explanatory packaging. Excited about the selfie stick (yes, I still actually don’t mind them), I opened that first.

Unlike most selfie sticks on the market, the BS3 Bluetooth Sport Tripod is a swiss-army knife of gadgets which at the end of the day combine to be a selfie stick, Bluetooth shutter button, and a tripod. If you happen to have family photos you’re going to take this year, you need this thing, really. My future mother-in-law travels with a cheap Bluetooth shutter button on her keys, and uses a tripod from Five Below, and envies the model I have from BlitzWolf. What makes the version by BlitzWolf that much better is that when you’re not using the Bluetooth shutter button it sits flush within the tripod until you want to use it. This means you won’t misplace it in your purse or bag, but when you use the BS3 Sport in selfie stick mode you can easily just snap your photo with ease as it sits within the handle.

BlitzWolf’s Accessories Are a Great Addition to Your Gadget Bag

Syncing the BS3 is about as simple as any other Bluetooth device, you turn it on until it turns blue, and in your smartphones Bluetooth settings it will show up as BS3-Sport.

BlitzWolf’s Accessories Are a Great Addition to Your Gadget Bag

Tripod Mode is actually pretty solid as well. Having used quite a few tripods for my smartphone, what I appreciate is that you don’t have to buy multiple different fits for different phones. I have an iPhone X and the mechanism that holds your smartphone in place comfortably fit my iPhone X, and my friends iPhone 8 Plus with ease. Since the attachment is detachable, you can set up a GoPro and other cameras and it will be sturdy and stable as well. I appreciate that it has 360-degree rotation (you do this manually), so you can capture and maneuver for those outdoor shots without having to flip your camera over and move the physical tripod. Currently, the BS3 Sport Tripod is available for $21.99 on Amazon and you can check it out here.

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BlitzWolf’s Accessories Are a Great Addition to Your Gadget Bag

The other items that I received were the Blitzwolf USB-C, and Lightning cables. First, there’s the USB-C cable by BlitzWolf. Coming complete with gold tips the USB-C cable is available in 3 ft, 6 ft and 8.2 feet in their respectful prices. I, however, received the 3-foot version which surprisingly at the time of writing this cost more than the 6 ft model at $6.99 (compared to $4.37 for the longer model). What’s described as a tough AmpCore cable, it comes complete with a 5000+ bend lifespan which for most users is great and prevents from fraying. I will say that if you do use this with a MacBook, and you use a case on it that surrounds the USB-C input, you may have a bit of trouble, as the end of the cable is a bit larger than the standard cables.

BlitzWolf’s Accessories Are a Great Addition to Your Gadget Bag

This is a bit different with the BlitzWolf Lightning Cable ($10.99) is a great lightning cable to always keep in your bag, and unlike the USB-C cable by BlitzWolf, fits every single case (including the Lifeproof) that I’ve used. With its threaded cable it’s extremely durable and won’t fray on you, but will also set itself apart from your friends standard white on white cable. I received the gray version but as I’m aware there is a red cable as well if you truly want to live dangerously. This cable as well also will last 5000+ bends.

I do have to say that I’m pretty amazed by the products from BlitzWolf, from the prices to actual real-life usage. If you’d like to find out more information about any of the products you can check out their Amazon today.

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What I Like: Affordable products that work great, if not better than the competition

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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