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November 15, 2013 • Crowdfunding, News

Make Your High-Fives the Life of the Party with Fiesta Five!

Fiesta Five

Fiesta Five

When I heard about the Dragon Innovation project called ‘The Fiesta Five’, I had an immediate thought: one of my sons loves fist-bumps and high fives, the other does not. When he finally does give his brother a high-five, there is a celebration … and I could just picture him using one of these to make it truly special.

Here is a blurb from the crowd-funding page:

You know that feeling when you give the perfect high-five? Multiply it by fireworks. When we set out to enhance one of the most common forms of celebration known to mankind, our first focus was make it consistently awesome. The Fiesta-Five gives you that satisfying thunderclap every-time, without hurting your hand. Add to that a shower of colored confetti and it’ll be your cheeks that are hurting from smiling so hard!

So … what you are getting is something that operates like the classic joy-buzzer, but instead of a small shock, it launches confetti in the air. Fortunately it shoots biodegradable confetti … but chances are you will want to use it outdoors, or it will look like my basement after my younger son’s glitter-filled birthday a couple of years ago!

The Fiesta Five is refillable, so you can get all of the super-charged high fives you need.

The creators are seeking $50,000 to fund their development efforts, and they are about 10% there with 28 days to go as of this writing.

Carly mentioned one possible use that made sense to me — high-fiving people as they cross the line at a marathon. Imagine this picture … only with confetti!

Red Baron High Five1

Dragon Innovation — ‘The Fiesta Five’

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