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December 12, 2013 • Music Diary, News

Spotify Adds New Free Capabilities, 20 Markets, Led Zepplin Catalog!

Spotify Options

While some folks express concerns about royalty payouts and business models, the reality is that people love Spotify because it allows them to listen to the music they want to when, where and how they want. And today they are announcing ways that even more people can enjoy the service, and an expansion of the free service for tablet users.

First, Spotify announced new free music experiences for mobile and tablet. Available now, Spotify’s new mobile experience allows you to shuffle play:

  • Your music: Listen to the playlists you create, and to those from the people you follow
  • Your favorite artists: To listen to a specific artist, just hit shuffle play to listen to their entire catalogue – no settling for one track every 20 minutes from the artist you want
  • Discover great new playlists: Listen to playlists for every mood, genre, or moment in time

Now Spotify differentiates mobile phones and tablets – recognizing that tablets are fast becoming laptop-replacements for many, Spotify has made tablets and computers equal in terms of what they offer in terms of the free on-demand listening experience.

Additionally, Spotify launched in 20 new markets today – for a total of 55 markets worldwide – making it easier for more people across the world to discover and play more great music.

Finally, Spotify announced the availability of the entire Led Zeppelin catalogue, exclusive to Spotify. This is a huge coup, especially in light of iTunes Radio not having access to the catalog (you can buy the music, but not stream it – same with Amazon and Google).

Here is an overview video:

Head to Spotify for more details and to grab the app for your device and start listening to all your favorite music!

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