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It has happened to all of us: you think you have a good grip on your phone or tablet, but before you know it the device is slipping from your hands. If you are particularly unlucky, it lands in whatever water is near by. That’s why I was happy to check out the BHEESTIE Bag and BHEESTIE Molecular Beads.

More than once, various methods of drying out wet electoronics have come in handy in my home. I also know that a drying kit recently saved Dan’s wife Elana’s new iPhone 5C from total destruction. Unfortunately, many of the drying systems for electronics are rather pricey. The BHEESTIE Bag not only offers excellent drying technology, but it also comes in at a surprisingly reasonable price. Something like this also makes a great gift for anyone using an expensive smartphone, and we will give one of the two review samples away, so read on.

The company claims to have an advanced technology for rapidly and thoroughly drying out and saving electronic devices. Here’s what they have to say about how their technology goes to work saving your phone after one of the all-too-common “oops” moments:

BHEESTIE Molecular Beads (TM) contain microscopic, precision-engineered pores that specifically target and trap water molecules. The beads eliminate moisture from within the sealed BHEESTIE Bag (TM). BHEESTIE Bheeds absorb the most water of any available technology for drying out personal electronics.

As the humidity of the air contained within the sealed BHEESTIE Bag (TM) decreases, the hidden moisture contained within your electronic device transforms to a gas and mixes with the air in the bag. This process continues until the moisture from your device becomes permanently trapped within the BHEESTIE Molecular Beads (TM). In most cases, this process takes between 12 and 24 hours, as long as the bag remains sealed.

Right now you might be wondering why you can’t just use something like a bowl of dry rice or a collection of silica gel packets (you know, the type that come with new shoes and many other products to help keep them fresh and dry). Here’s the company’s explanation why their approach has merit.

Unlike home remedies like rice or silica gel, BHEESTIE Molecular Beads (TM) continue to absorb water beyond equilibrium humidity. Silica gel or rice that has absorbed moisture will actually release water into a dry atmosphere. BHEESTIE Molecular Beads (TM) are designed to keep the water molecules trapped and can actually be used to dry out saturated silica gel and to dehumidify rice.


The features of BHEESTIE include:

  • BHEESTIE has been proven to revive dead-in-the-water electronics in as little as 24 hours.
  • BHEESTIE Bheeds absorb water—and they let you know when it’s time to replace them so you always get full absorption power.
  • BHEESTIE Bheeds trap water permanently, unlike competing products that release moisture back into the bag—to invade devices again!
  • BHEESTIE draws water 7x faster from electronics than home remedies.
  • BHEESTIE pulls more water from electronics than rice, silica gel, or other home-grown methods.
  • BHEESTIE, used quickly after the emergency, prevents the corrosion that begins immediately upon water exposure.
  • BHEESTIE, used quickly after the emergency, drastically reduces the likelihood of water damage to delicate circuitry.
  • Self-contained BHEESTIE Bheeds leave no messy residue like competing products.
  • BHEESTIE draws water from the tiniest crevices of your electronics, rather than filling them with sticky food film or dust.
  • BHEESTIE Bheeds absorb more water, 7x faster than the competition, and never release it back into the bag.
  • No guessing… BHEESTIE blue indicator Bheeds turn grey when they need replacement so you don’t subject your electronics to inferior absorption.

BHEESTIE recommends using their product on a more regular basis than you might were it only seen as a “rescue remedy”. They point out that Daily Moisture Takes a Daily Toll on Electronics and point out that moisture can gather inside electronics even without the tragic “drop” thanks to such common occurances as exposure to humidity, snow, heat, rain, contact with sweat, locker room and shower steam, hand-to-device contact, and body-to-device contact.

As a result, regular use of BHEESTIE can help:

  • remove daily moisture build-up from personal and professional electronics.
  • prevent the corrosion that begins immediately upon water exposure.
  • drastically reduces the likelihood of water damage to delicate circuitry.
  • trap water permanently, unlike competing products that release moisture back into the bag—to invade devices again!

Best of all, on BHEESTIE 56g size can dry multiple devices simultaneously.

I’m pretty impressed with the product, and I think it is worth considering one of their products in every space where you spend time. After all, when devices get wet, even seconds matter. And with various Beestie solutions beginning at just $17.95 they are an affordable insurance policy for your mobile devices. Bheestie is available directly from the manufacturer.

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MSRP: $17.95

What I Like: Does the job better than home remedies; Priced nicely; Large sizes work with multiple devices at the same time

What Needs Improvement: Weird name; I didn’t have one the last time I ran into water issues

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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